‘OK!’ Magazine Reports That Jessica Simpson Is Pregnant!


Last month, In Touch Weekly magazine reported that Jessica Simpson was pregnant with her first child. At the time, Jess had absolutely nothing to say on the report … she neither confirmed nor denied that she was pregs. Today it’s OK! magazine’s turn to report that Jessica IS, pregnant! Jess is featured on the cover of this week’s new issue of OK! splashed with the headline, Yes, I Am Pregnant!

Dressed in a flowing striped maxi dress, a beaming Jessica Simpson smiled as she arrived for a baby shower at the Ivy at the Shore restaurant in Santa Monica. The performer, along with her mom, Tina; sister, Ashlee; and 2-year-old nephew, Bronx, was at the restaurant on Oct. 15 to celebrate childhood friend Stephanie McGuire Terblanche’s impending motherhood — but that’s not the only baby the Simpson clan is getting ready for! “Jessica is so excited,” says a close friend, who confesses that Jessica has been slowly telling all her pals that she and fiancé Eric Johnson, 32, are becoming parents. OK! has the scoop in this week’s issue, on sale everywhere Thursday! “She joked, ‘Well, now I can eat anything I want and no one will care. It’s just sort of a rule with pregnant women.’ But it was typical Jessica that she was making a joke of it.” At 31, Jessica has learned to take life’s little twists and turns in stride. Although she originally told her friends that she didn’t plan to have a baby before she was married to Eric, to whom she became engaged this past November, the order of these happy events hasn’t really mattered to her. Jessica is just delighted finally to become a mother.

You know, this pregnancy rumor has popped up from time to time over the years but this time, I kinda knew it was true. I dunno why … but I had a feeling that In Touch was right last month. We hear now that Jess has decided to postpone her wedding to fiancée Eric Johnson and I guess we now know why … she doesn’t want to be a pregnant bride. In any event, let’s send our warmest congrats and best wishes to Jessica and Eric on their happy baby news. Let the bump watch officially get underway!


  • Tagg

    She’s a real Christian…LMAO! The entire family threw that out in their quest for fame/fortune. Such a joke.

    • Nelle

      Who are you to judge her, her family, or whether she is a “real Christian”? That doesn’t seem like a very “Christian” thing to do, but then again I’m not a Christian so I could be completely wrong about that.

    • brandi


    • Lulu

      I don’t understand this statement either. I’m a “real” Christian, and goodness knows I’m not perfect. The two don’t go hand in hand.

      Congratulations to her! :)

    • apriljan

      I believe that statement was a general dig against Christianity. Thou shalt not [insert one of the 10 commandments here]. I don’t really practice Christianity, but many believers were adamant about staying chaste before marriage and that having a baby before marriage is a sin.

      ANYWAY, congrats Jessica! Although, I kinda wish you stayed with Nick Lachey and had a baby with him. He really wanted kids too.

    • Carl

      @apriljan even still, that dig against Christianity wouldn’t make sense because she WAS a virgin until she married Nick Lachey. So Tagg is just a rude individual.

    • Susan

      My grandmother used to always say that Christians aren’t perfect, they’re just forgiven.

      Exciting news for them! I wonder how far along she is…

    • apriljan

      @Carl — I understand, but she’s no longer married to Nick Lachey and got a divorce (do Christians think divorce is also a sin?). We’re talking about now. She’s NOT married, AND she’s pregnant before her 2nd marriage. I believe Tagg was just saying that because they were such staunch Christians before, what happened to all those preachings?

      But again, that was thrown out the window when Ashley Simpson had a shotgun wedding to Pete Wentz.

      Whatever, I still send my congratulations!

    • Claire

      Calm down, we’re not talking Westborough Baptist here. Christianity changes with modern times.

    • SuzieB

      Umm Last time I checked, Christians still have sex. A baby is a happy thing. I think the Christian thing is to congratulate her and wish her a healthy baby. Do unto others @Tagg ;)

  • nicole

    “who else is pregnany and whos just fat”..really? ugh..thats why i stopped reading magazines.
    congrats to Jessica though…she seems like she would make a great mom

    • Katie

      I saw that as well and was thinking the exact same thing. Like, seriously?

  • Krissy

    Wait a minute! This isn’t JESSICA making an annoucement, this is OK! putting her picture on the cover and pretending she spoke with them. How many covers have they had where someone like Jennifer Aniston is pictured next to a quote that says something like “My plan to adopt!”

    • Holly

      I agree!!! Look at the print…there is not one time that she outright confirms her pregnancy! I’ll believe it when SHE is the one actually doing the speaking, not just magazines just trying to make people THINK that.

    • Amy

      Yes – because they want 500K for the announcement.

    • Krissy

      Or maybe because she is still in her first trimester, when miscarriages can occur. I will never bash a woman for keeping information about her own reproductive system to herself.

  • Hannah

    I like the fact she is waiting to get married. Why rush a wedding just because you are having a baby? If you are going to marry then marry on your own terms and have the best day possible.

  • Joanna

    Her postponing her wedding was more about how she was going to look in a wedding dress than anything else. She had said something to that effect earlier this year. That being the case she probably won’t get married until a few months after the baby is born so she can get her body back into shape. Congrats to her and Eric, but I don’t know what took her so long :)

  • Joanna

    Oh and P.S. that whole article about who else is pregnant and who else is just fat is really wrong and degrading IMHO.

  • Jill

    @Krissy – I agree with you. I don’t think this is an official announcement. It’s not a confirmation. The article is full of speculation and anonymous sources. Until I see it on People.com it isn’t official.

    • Krissy

      Thanks! Tabloids can be very deceptive and aren’t to be trusted. ;)

  • aimie

    Am I the only one disgusted that along with Jessica’s pregnancy anouncement it says “plus… who else is pregnant and who’s just FAT.” WHAT THE EFF? really!!! ugh, congrats to happy parents to be!

    • nicole

      thats actually one of the first thing i noticed. i dont know how the writers sleep at night.

  • Dana

    WHO CARES!!!I guess since Nick beat her to the Altar she would beat him by having a baby first..Is this what Celebrities or now doing now making a Big Deal or Big Money for Announcing when there Pregnant…First Beyonce at the VMAs and then Mariah Carey 20/20 interview?

  • kellye

    Ummm…does Jessica ever confirm it herself? I must have missed that.

  • jessicagiovanna

    Who’s preg and who’s fat?? That’s why girls w/ body issues are getting younger and younger.. look at what’s around them.. that’s disgusting.

  • I usually wait for People.com to confirm to believe the stories. If she is, good for her, even if its not in the “traditional” order.

  • Anne Boleyn

    So how long before Vanessa (or whatever Nick’s wife’s name is…) announces SHE is pregnant too?