Watch: Rihanna, ‘We Found Love’

True Grit

Late last month we saw photos of Rihanna filming her newest music video in Ireland and today we get to see the final fruits of her labor. As you may know, We Found Love is the lead single from Ri Ri‘s new album Talk That Talk, due out this year. IMHO, the song is incredibly catchy … and, as you can see below, the video suits the track very well.

The video is grittier than the song sounds, I think, but it’s a powerful visual story. I love the song, I love the video … I am just really loving Rihanna these days, how about you?


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  1. CHASE

    OMG. This is the best video released by any pop girl this year. She just fucking owned EVERYONE.

  2. Haven’t loved a Rihanna video in a very long time,until now. Plus,it’s giving me trainspotting vibes

  3. i actually don’t like it. haha I’m the only one. i hate the crack head vibe its giving out. blah reminds me of sketchy days when i was a youngin in the drug scene. she’s too mature for this, i think. druggy luv :P

    • Stace

      I completely agree with you! I’m not a big fan of this vid. Gives off a druggie vibe and like she’s trying too hard to be bad. I loved the fun side of rihanna with red hair and fun music videos. I love the song… But she could’ve actually made it finding love in a hopeless place. I’m still young (19) but even I know not to take a whole pack of cigarettes, shove them in my mouth and light them. That’s just gross.

  4. Not the biggest Rihanna fan but I found myself LOVING this video! The song has already grown on me but the video is amazing. I wanted it to keep going.

  5. Harry

    Anyone think this video is intended for or about Chris Brown?

  6. notsomuch

    good song, video is well done, but the violence that both this & “criminal” glamorize bothers me; it’s not like a film like “drugstore cowboy”, it’s a music video to help you to get off to the song–& it bothers me esp in light of the entitled, bored kids in London & Vancouver. you want to riot & tear shit up? go to Egypt or Somalia, use your powers for good & help someone find a pot to piss in, or maybe a handful of rice so they can live another day. just taking it all too serious i guess–missing fun, amazing videos just for the fun of it.

  7. sjazz

    edgy? pushing creativity?? you mean… bad morals and bad influences??? wat was up with the lighting up a whole pack of cigarettes in one hand?? i agree with notsomuch… it would have been better if it was abt children in somalia…. now THAT would be love in a hopeless place… so they can HELP

  8. jr

    if anyone is on the Madonna track it is her. Although, I think the druggie thing, and the rebel thing is overdone and tiresome…the visuals are great…quality video…I wish her music was more Please Dont Stop The Music rather than the same-ol clubby sound everyone is doing.

  9. Nancy

    Hmmm I think the video suits the song well… she found love in a hopeless place and she had to let go…. but yea I did get the Chris B vibe especially when they were screaming at each other in the car…. I wonder if she got any flashbacks while filming that scene…. gosh must be horrible

  10. Donny

    This girl has no fear. I love it!

  11. Katie

    Her body is bangin’!!!

  12. She’s doing great in her songs,but this one is different this one makes a lot of senses than her usual songs. That’s in my own opinion. I love rihanna!!

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