Ryan Gosling Gets A Sweet Smooch From Eva Mendes


First, they went on a fun Disneyland date together … then they sneaked off to go hiking together … this weekend, Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes got caught making out in a car together. Now, it’s still unclear what, exactly, the status is of the couple’s romance (or dalliance, if you will) but one thing’s for sure … they really do seem to enjoy spending time together. Click below to SEE what Eva and Ryan got up to this weekend.

To be fair, we can’t actually see that Ryan and Eva kissed … but it SURE does look like they did. The couple did get smoochy at Disneyland so I think it’s very safe to assume that they’ve continued to share sweet kisses ever since. Eva’s dog deffo laid a big one on Ryan so, yeah, there was a lot of smoochin’ going on in that car. These two sure have been spending a lot of time together. Serious or not, they make a cute couple … don’tcha think?

[Photo credit: X17]

  • Sabrina

    I get why both of them would be attracted to one another because they are both hot! I still think they are an odd couple though.

  • muchacha

    If she is a dog person then I am closer to approving of a relationship between these two.

  • Corey

    I hate to be the party pooper, but I don’t think they are kissing in that last pic at all. It looks like she is reaching in to the backseat, possibly pushing the dog back, and he is just looking back as well…
    She is craning her neck an awful lot for just a kiss.

    • sandbot

      Yeah I was thinking the same…it looks like they’re both facing the back seat looking at whatever the dog is doing.


    She’s not good enough for him! I mean, uh, how cute are these two? ; )

  • laina

    She looks like a man!

    • ur joking right?

    • Claire

      LOL finally, I actually agree completely. My boyfriend and I argue about it because he thinks she is such a smoke show (and me Ryan, of course). But yeah, I really don’t get her appeal at all, VERY manly.

      However I’ve seen her in interviews and she seems really down to earth, so I guess I can tolerate it. Though it’ll be nearly impossible for anyone to meet the Rachel standard.

    • sandbot

      completely agree! She’s kind of a butterface…hot body but her face is a little tranny-esque :0

  • Lynne

    I wish Ryan Gosling would give ME sweet kisses.

  • Ray

    I’m just not feelin these two as a couple.

  • Sofia

    NO. just…no. He’s supposed to be with me or rachel mcadams or no one.

  • .♥__♥.

    Just tell me why delete my comment?

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal


  • Nicole

    @Sofia… Completely agreed.