First Look: Britney Spears Teases Her ‘Criminal’ Music Video With The Release Of Animated Gifs


Last week we learned that our dear Britney Spears will be releasing a new music video for her single Criminal this week but yesterday she gifted us with a series of AMAZING animated gifs that give us our first taste of the final video. With the release of these animations, Britney reminds us that the video will be released “this week” but we still don’t know exactly when. So, while we await the release of the video, click below to enjoy 5 scenes from the Criminal music video in animated gif form.

OMG … I cannot WAIT! These gifs are a GREAT tease for what’s to come. Brit Brit looks fantastic in each scene … but I think I love her look in the 3rd gif, the one with her hair done up in an up’do. Man … this video is going to rule. Cannot. Wait. I’m hoping that the video comes out earlier in the week rather than later … to make us wait any longer than necessary would be, well, criminal.

As for these gifs, they’re awesome, right? Which one is YOUR fave?

UPDATE: Sony Music France is saying that the video will be released tomorrow:

The *BRAND NEW* video from @BritneySpears “Criminal” is out TOMORROW!

Let’s keep those fingers crossed :D


  • Glen CoCo

    Wow, she looks banging…..i would love to see her done up more like that 3rd pic….

  • Ashley

    Stunning!! So excited for the video , looks amazing!

  • Mark

    So excited, looks so hot!

  • Louigi12


  • norcor

    i am sort of having flashbacks to the radar video for some reason. i have high hopes this will be much better though. has there been any indication of when in the week it might drop? i’m hoping for earlier as well!

  • nicole

    she looks amazing in that top right one. from the set pics and these gifs, whoever styled her for this video gets an A+ from me she looks good.

  • jj

    britney spears is really a beautiful woman…

  • aimie

    is that her boyfriend irl… or is that sam merlotte from true blood i can never tell the difference!!!

    • muchacha

      It’s her BF Jason, he’s in the whole video :) I think he looks like Sam too!

  • She looks to be in fine form. Love Miss Britney

  • kendra

    Hot damn! She looks great in these! And I agree..The one with the up-do is gorgeous! Why doesn’t she ever do something like that for award shows? I’m so excited for this video!

  • Sarah

    She looks awesome :) I’m so excited