Diddy’s Black AmEx Card Leaks: Who’s Trying To Loot Mr. Combs?


What’s worse than your sex tape leaking? Perhaps the 15 digits on your American Express Centurion card, that infamous invitation-only “black” card that supposedly can rush a helicopter or a circus to your location with a quick phone call. That’s what Diddy claims happened to him, with copies of his credit limit-less card appearing online. Though it’s not like anyone can really go on a private island shopping spree with the card — you can be sure it’s already been deactivated. But that’s not the end of Diddy’s headaches: copies of his passport and private phone numbers were also leaked. Quick getaway to St. Maarten with Flo Rida, anyone? [Source; photo is a composite]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love how it just says DIDDY!!! That seems FAKE to me.

    • JCZ

      I think the picture is a fake – I don’t believe his card was STOLEN just that the credit card NUMBERS were leaked online. So someone made a mock up with the name Diddy.

      Then again he is Diddy and would demand such a thing! Besides I also thought he changed his name? #yetagain

    • shoesofpink

      That cracked me up too.

  • Dude

    It also says member since 1958.

  • nicole

    this has to be one of the worst things that can happen to somebody. i dont care who it is, i feel bad for the guy.

    • Danny

      Yes I feel so bad for him. He should buy himself another three mansions to make himself feel better. He also needs some white hookers, are you busy?

    • nicole

      why not feel bad for him. like him or not, the mans built an empire and someone taking you credit card numbers, leaking your passport and private numbers can ruin that fast.
      so yes i feel bad for him.
      and really..calling me a white hooker? what are you, two?

  • I think this is a hoax. It says he was a cardmember since 1958. He wasn’t even born until 1969.

    • perdiz

      It says the photo is a composite where it has the link for the source of the story.

  • nicole

    people that card is clearly fake..just the situation is real lol (and maybe those numbers?)

    • Cheryl

      Hahaha I agree. I’m actually shocked people think this is what his actual card would look like

  • aimie

    i call bullshit. his legal name isn’t “diddy”. just dumb shit. i do feel bad for whoever’s number that is though cuz you never know! yikes!

    • @aime — LOL. People PLEASE realize the image used here is NOT Diddy’s actual card.

    • shoesofpink

      Yes, but it was still hilarious that it just said “Diddy”. HA!

  • shoesofpink

    I was cracking up that you wrote you could get a circus with a quick call. Hahaha.