Rihanna Reveals The Album Cover Art For ‘Talk That Talk’


Last week we learned via Rihanna’s official Facebook profile that her new album, due out in mere weeks, has been titled Talk That Talk. Today, again courtesy of Ri Ri’s Facebook, we get our first look at the album cover artwork. Talk That Talk will be released in both standard and deluxe editions … each with their own cover. Click below to check them out.



I’m not really loving the standard cover … but I totally dig the deluxe cover. Now … I want to hear songs. It might be smart for Rihanna fans to watch her Facebook profile like a hawk … I’m guessing we’ll be getting more new album goodies very soon. As for this album art, what do y’all think?


  • nicole

    not a fan of either cover…probably the worst album covers shes had.
    i was kind of hoping she would go with a GGGB cover..you know…not a close up of her face.

  • iheartaustin

    I wasn’t looking forward to this album, I feel like the world is OD’ing in Rihanna, but after hearing WE FOUND LOVE, I’m really excited now! That songs a way better single than anything I heard off of LOUD!

  • seth

    not crazy about either cover. she looks kind of cheap in both and I think they’re beneath her.

  • norcor

    i think she sort of looks like she’s been on a 3 day bender in the first cover… not flattering. the second one is a little better but i don’t think she should be glamorizing cigarette smoking when much of her fanbase is so young– obviously an attempt at creating some shock value… yawn.

    • Sofia

      rihanna doesn’t really seem to care about her affect on her young base or in being a role model so i doubt she cares about glamorizing cigarette smoking. half the things that come out of her mouth i feel like are just to be shocking. she tries way to hard, shes like the nympho lady gaga

  • beth

    i am also tiring of the oversexed blow up doll look

  • Krissy

    I don’t really like either image that much, and the “R” is the same style as Rated R…and it kind of reinforces the feeling that her albums are starting to blur together for me. Visually speaking, I think the top image looks better as Trent cropped it in the preview, with her face and angled arm taking up most of the space. As it is, the top 50% of the image is filler, just hair and a wall.

    I like Rhianna as a performer, but her music and performances were more fun when she wasnt trying so hard to be sexually hard core all the time. It is numbing.

  • JCZ

    I’m the opposite with everyone – I love these. They’re kinda original and not a cheesy photo like most artists do.

    I personally think RiRi has the best album covers – minus probably her first two.

    I reeeeally like Rated R and LOUD and even her single covers are great, especially Rated R singles.

    I’d like to know if that is a new tattoo on her arm or just pasted on. Pretty cool if it was. RiRi is probably the only girl that I like with a lot of tats.
    Looking forward to the album now – We Found Love is on repeat. But I do miss LOUD already.

    • nicole

      the words are added in, its not a new tattoo…
      i hate to do this..but i wouldnt say these are original by any means…the first cover looks like beyonce’s bday album cover..just a dirty version of it. and that black and white one..its been done a hundred times by others. and the open the mouth with smoke coming out, kind of ruins the picture.

    • JCZ

      B’day? What thaaaaaa
      The ONLY similarity I can POSSIBLY get is that Rihanna appears to have her hair up. Cause ya know, girls have been wearing there hair up for centuries.

      I don’t think artists HAVE to be original. If its enjoyable who gives a crap!? It’s just an excuse for haters to hate and come up with an excuse really. Ripping something off is different though.

      It was probably a stretch saying they’re original – i mean its freaking album cover art, its all about the music. But its not a cheesy cover like Jive insist for Britney on her past two albums. It’s not a girl-next-door look that makes an old man excited in the pants. They’re two covers that don’t really make sense and aren’t really seen these days for mainstream pop artists.

      Unless your Gaga & need some easy publicity so you stick your head on a motorcycle.. thats just stupid.

    • nicole

      its more then just the hair, Bey was the fist thing that popped into my mind when i saw it. maybe its because Beyonce and Rihanna have been everywhere the past couple years that my mind is morphing them into one.

      i still have to disagree with her having the best album covers, there all the same, just a face shot (and i thought her first two were cute). GGGB is the only one thats somewhat different. maybe if she did a different kind of face shot (like eminem with his relapse album, having his face made out of pills)

      but anything..and i mean anything, is better then a head on a motorcycle.

  • James


  • gza

    love both covers! they’re both really nice! i especially love the smoke on the deluxe version ;D

  • Is anyone getting a Kylie Minogue vibe?? Not only does “We Found Love” sound a lot like Kylie’s “Too Much” from the Aphrodite album (both produced by Calvin Harris nonetheless) but the second photo as well as the single cover remind me of Kylie’s first greatest hits cover and the “Shocked” single cover. They’re not identical but a similar flavor for sure.

  • seth

    ok can we just call a spade a spade? both covere suck and while i’m not in 100% agreement about the bday similarities, rihanna is the baby beyonce. she has always been more of a pop ingenue than a bonafide star. her press is usually more interesting than her music.