Kanye West Sufaces At The ‘Occupy Wall Street’ Protests


Last week we saw a photo of Gossip Girl actor Penn Badgley participating in the Occupy Wall Street protest going on in NYC, NY and today we learn that another big name celeb was spotted at the protest this weekend. None other than rapper Kanye West himself was spotted in the midst of the protestors rallying against corporate greed. Click below for the photographic proof.

Now … why was he there? Unlike Penn who was holding aloft a protest sign, Kanye was just chillin’ in the crowd. Was he really there to protest … or just to hang out. It’s possible he was on his way to some other place and he decided to cut thru what he thought was a group of tourists along the way … BAM! someone takes a photo and POOF! he’s part of the protest. I suppose it’s possible that Kanye is actually participating in the protest but … my gut tells me he was just there to stand amongst the throngs of people for a little attention. HMMM. What do YOU think? Is Kanye West part of the 99% fighting against the 1% of the richest people who run the world?


  • Hannah

    If he is trying to be part of the 99% someone should tell him to leave the bodyguard at home.

  • Sarah

    I love how he is protesting capitalism and greed while sporting a huge gold chain and gold bottom teeth.

    • his flannel and wife beater negate his gold – ” go Yeezy !!! “

  • Lauri


    just sharing :) I don’t think this has been shared by the media? I find it rather cool.

  • brittany

    While I really like what this “Occupy” rally does, I am pretty irritated at what is happening. There is this (I totally doubt Kanye is participating) and I saw an article the other day that democrats are trying to claim the rally as theirs. Isn’t that missing the point? This isn’t a photo op or a chance to gain political strides. It’s people really struggling to survive amidst taxes and fees and no employment.

    • SarahGirl

      Celebrities get noticed – doesn’t mean everything they do is intended for public comsumption. Kayne has always had a political POV and I think it’s cool he showed up to lend his support or at least listen and find out what people are saying.

      And someone complaining about Kayne being rich – well, I think more rich people need to say enough is enough and that the rich should pay more taxes and the banks ripped off the people.

      And btw, the repugs caused this mess – Obama inherited it but neither the dems or the repugs have had the balls to fix it or take Wall Street on. Wealth comes from the people, not from bankers and brokers playing games with the economy.