Michael Jackson Is Honored At The ‘Michael Forever’ Tribute Concert


The late Michael Jackson was honored at a mostly official tribute concert called Michael Forever in Cardiff, Wales last night that was performed in front of an almost sold-out house. Performers like Alicia Keys, Jamie Fox and Christina Aguilera were among the performers who appeared live on stage while folks like Beyoncé provided pre-taped performances. Members of Jackson’s family were in attendance as well … with the primary focus on the in-person appearances by MJ’s children Prince, Paris and Blanket. Other members of the Jackson family were purposely NOT in attendance because they were not on board with a tribute concert to MJ happening at the same time that Dr. Conrad Murray’s manslaughter trial for the death of Jackson is underway. Click below to see some photos, read some deets and watch some video from the Michael Forever concert performance last night.

It was a tribute fit for a king. About 50,000 people gathered at Cardiff’s Millennium Stadium in Wales Saturday evening to celebrate the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The star studded event included performances by Jamie Foxx, Christina Aguilera, Gladys Knight, Cee Lo Green, and Ne-Yo, who kicked off the celebration with a version of “Billie Jean” complete with Jackson’s signature dance moves. Organizers aimed for fans to turn their focus to remember the star for his music rather than his death. His music has been overshadowed by the trial of Jackson’s doctor, Conrad Murray. Jackson died in June 2009. “It’s not about the trial. It’s not about his death. It’s about celebrating his life. It’s about celebrating music,” Ne-Yo told the Associated Press. It wouldn’t be a Jackson event without its fair share of controversy. Jackson’s family was divided over the timing of the tribute as some were concerned that a celebration of Michael Jackson’s music legacy should not have occurred during the manslaughter trial. His sister Janet and brothers Jermaine and Randy were noticeably absent and opposed to the tribute coinciding with the trial. Marlon Jackson said he respected his siblings’ decision but said he was sure Michael would have approved, the AP reported. “Each one of us grieves differently,” he told the AP. “We want to celebrate the positive side of his life, the positive things that he did.” Still, the show went on and even featured an appearance by his children, 13-year-old daughter Paris and her younger brothers Prince, 14, and Blanket, 9. “We’re very happy to be here on this special night to honor our father,” said Paris. She wore a replica of the red and black “Thriller” – style jacket her father wore. Blanket, who appeared shy and uncomfortable with the spotlight, wore a suit with a red armband reminiscent of his father. Jackson’s mother sat and watched the performances while some of the original Jackson 5 sang “Blame It On The Boogie” along with a British boy band. Latoya Jackson even took to the stage in what was her first performance since the 90s and Jackson’s nephews were also part of the superstar lineup. The show ended with Gladys Knight performing “Gone Too Soon” before a very emotional performance of “Don’t Stop Til’ You Get Enough,” which brought most of the performers and the Jackson children back on stage.

Here is video of MJ’s kids introducing Beyoncé‘s pre-taped performance of the song I Wanna Be Where You Are:

Obviously, Bey’s performance was killer because it was pre-taped … but the intro made by MJ’s children is spot on! She does carry the MJ torch. On the other hand, last night’s tribute concert also featured, well, not so great performances … for example, Xtina Aguilera. I mean, there is no easy way to say this but … she looked terrible last night:

She didn’t sound too great either:

La Toya Jackson, who was among the members of the family who decided to endorse this tribute with her appearance, looked pretty amazing I think:

It sounds like the show was a pretty mixed bag. Yes, I know that MJ’s legacy should be honored and paid tribute to but … why now? The manslaughter trial of Dr. Murray is going on here in LA right now. This concert took place RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE of the trial … why? Why not over the Summer before the trial began? Why not a few weeks later after the trial is concluded? It’s just so … odd. But … whatever the case may be, I know that in the hearts and minds of fans, any time is the right time to honor MJ’s legacy. I don’t personally know if this was the best way to honor the man but … there you have it. What do y’all think? Was this the right way to pay tribute to Michael Jackson?

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  • Stephan

    Cardiff is in Wales, not England.

    • @Stephan — Ugh, that’s what I meant ;) Thanks!!

  • Ashley

    Paris has grown so tall! All of them have. She was so confident up there. Good on her! I remember when she and Prince spoke at the Grammys, her nerves got the best of her. But those acting classes the kids have been spotted leaving must have paid off, because she seems much more at ease in front of a crowd now.

    Little Blanket broke my heart. There’s a picture of him floating around out there with a tear about to fall down his cheek. So sad. They must miss their father terribly.

    Oh, Trent, I wish you had posted when the kids were being interviewed in Germany a few days ago. There was a really poignant picture of the woman reporter with the kids at Phantasialand. She was showing them a video of their dad when he was there several years ago. Blanket had the biggest grin on his face as he watched it.

    Still breaks my heart that these kids have to grow up without their dad. They seem like wonderful young people. They’re just growing up so fast!

  • Mike

    Trent that is X-Tina’s weave trying to take over her body in time for Halloween.

  • rOXy

    Blanket looks like a MJ mini-me. He has such a serious expression. Wonder if he will be as eccentric as his dad?

    Christina…there are no words. I am not a fan of the body suit style costumes entertainers have been rocking on stage in recent years. They look cheesy on someone who is fit. On someone who is not so fit they should be illegal.

  • MattG

    Woah Christina. Your hair is bigger than your body…and that is saying something.

  • Jess

    How can you judge a video with shitty audio, good or bad? The consensus of the night from those who attended was that she was amazing, and judging from some of the other videos with better quality, I have to agree.

    La Toya is terrifying,no way around that, and apparently her singing wasn’t much better.

    Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree Trent. Still love you though!


    Christina gets on my nerves; she still thinks she’s a size 2. I might sound mean, BUT… If you choose to be curvy/fat then that is YOUR choice. No big deal. HOWEVER, wear something that FLATTERS your body… Trying to push your body into clothing that is 2 sizes too small makes you look BAD and people make fun of you… So many ppl do this and it’s ridiculous. Christina wouldn’t look bad if she dressed for her body type and got rid of that nasty blonde color and lipstick. She is her own worst enemy.

  • Blanket’s expression says it all – “this is a bunch of bullshit”

    • @baroness — LOL. Seriously.

  • EMMA

    I didn’t think Christina was that bad at all.. she looked pretty awful, though.

    Man, I really miss MJ. :( Poor kids.

  • Lynne

    Definitely the wrong time to have this tribute concert, but what’s done is done. I’m sure there will be many more to come.
    Christina Aguilera looked like a hot mess! Ugh! But she sounded like herself (good).
    Lotoya Jackson is a joke.

    • Lynne

      La Toya*

  • cinner

    wow that second pic of her looks really bad…shes huge…and that gharish makeup…her entire costumage is very unflattering.

  • jj

    mj kids are beautiful,and xtina sheesshhh her voice is already ruined… she should stop stretching her voice its really painful to hear

  • Isabelle

    From Burlesque to Grotesque.

  • Xadax

    I’m sorry, Xtina killed it last night. Bey’s I Wanna Be Where You Are @ the Wynn Las Vegas was better & had a higher key than this. Love Xtina’s messy hair. Oh wait, this is a Britney Spears site right? I totally forgot ;D. Britney had a weight issue before so butt off.

  • Xadax
  • gayana

    “13-year-old daughter Paris and her younger brothers Prince, 14, and Blanket, 9″

    theres a mistake there…. either he’s not 14 or he’s not a younger brother.

  • gayana

    I am a huge fan of xtina, her voice and her music, but she needs to get a NEW STYLIST!!!!!!!!!

    and a NEW VOICE COACH. she was off the tune everytime on “di-A-NA-oh”. thats just bad.

    she has the chops and she has one of the best voices of our generation but the girl needs to work on it…… ugh waste of a talent.

  • gayana


  • aubrey

    uhm.. does Blanket really look like Bruno Mars?

  • jr