Jake Gyllenhaal Jogs, Then Goes To Temple With His Family

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Hottie Jake Gyllenhaal spent this weekend with is family in NYC while finding some time to enjoy a bit of alonetime. Yesterday, Jake joined his mother Naomi Foner, his sister Maggie Gyllenhaal and his brother in law Peter Sarsgaard at temple for a worship service … but earlier in the day, he went for a solo jog in Central Park. Jakey poo is sportin’ a new beard and a short, fuzzy hair’do these days … which you gotta check out below.

As if the glasses weren’t cute enough … Jake also has a scooter! Well, ok, he’s prolly carrying his niece Ramona‘s scooter but still … LOVE IT! BUT as much as I love these family photos … I think I love the jogging photos more:

Le sigh. It’s been FAR too long since we’ve had a Jakey poo fix here on the blog. Enjoy!!

[Photo credit: INFdaily]

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  1. schmee

    Theres something about that first jogging photo that makes me think “potty dance” ;)

  2. jdubble07

    Why would the Gyllenhaal’s, who are Jewish, and going to temple for Yom Kippur be “getting their CHURCH on”? Kinda a blatant faux pas, espescially for someone whose boyfriend is Jewish.

  3. kelly

    both jake and peter have looks that could kill towards the paparazzi. it looks like maggie is calming peter/holding him back and trying to laugh it off.

  4. As much as I pretend Jake is my husband and we are going to be eternally linked, we know this isn’t true!! How damn cool would it be to be a member of this family!! I love them all. Jake still has my heart thou!!!

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