Watch: Beyoncé, ‘Countdown’


On Monday we got to see a 30-second preview of Beyoncé‘s latest music video offering for her new single Countdown. Today, we get to see the video in full. As you may recall from the clip we saw at the start of the week, Bey has got a bit of a mod/beatnik look going on in the video … which I think works really well for her, especially in this final, full version of the video. Check out Countdown in full below.

Beyoncé is just beautiful in this vid. Her sparkling eyes are just amazing. See, THIS is the exact reason why artists still make music videos despite the fact that no one really shows them on TV anymore. I am NOT a fan of this song … but I like it heaps better when paired with this fun video. I’m a fan, are you?


  • loriannakim

    I’m ALWAYS a fan of B : )

  • Sebastion

    I LOVE IT!!!. She is gorgeous in this video. I wasnt expecting this concept but it is great. KING B RULES!!!!

  • nicole

    i love the darker hair on her. but man if that baby ends up being restless and a kicker…she’ll know why.

  • Krissy

    I think she is super talented and super beautiful. Just gorgeous!


    The song is HORRENDOUS but it’s visually stunning! Out of all the girls this year (Britney, GaGa, Rihanna, etc.) Beyonce has had the best and creative music videos… They’re stunning.

  • Jess

    anyone know where I can watch this in canada?

  • norcor

    this video is bomb. beyonce brings it with her videos pretty much every time. i agree with trent though that the song is poor… pretty much her entire new album is inaudible imho. i seem to like every other album she puts out (loved dangerously in love, did not like b day, liked sasha fierce), so i guess i’m ready for the next one… and can’t wait for the baby!

  • Dezden

    Well, I like the song to begin with…. but this is a really, really fun video!! Super entertaining.

  • Xadax

    Rip-off. Not original at all. B looks good though.

  • Leisha

    this was in belgian news: one of belgium’s top modern dance companies, Rosas, seems to have “influenced” beyonce

    • Dot

      why am I not surprised?

  • PixiesBassline

    I don’t really care for the song or the video, but I just love Beyonce. Her beauty is always stunning, and I love her voice.

  • I am loving how Beyonce is mixing eras and genres here – first she’s Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face, then she’s Jennifer Beal in Flashdance.

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