Watch: Anderson Cooper Unveils The Special Lady In His Life


Anderson Cooper may be coy about certain things in his life, but his cute pooch Molly isn’t one of them!

It’s part of a special Anderson episode about pets and their families — which also includes a little segment on doggy dental hygiene.

And of course Anderson has to make sure the tooth paste he’s giving Molly is good enough for humans.

  • Ama

    That was cute and hilarious. It’s good they covered this too, because not that many people know that dog’s need to have their teeth brushed daily(or at all).

    His dog is adorable too~

  • Ria

    Omg that was the cutest thing EVER.

  • shoesofpink

    He is so adorable and hilarious. He’s the new Oprah!

    On another note, I really wish he would come out of the closet. He could do such great things for the LGBT community considering the giant soapbox he’s got to stand on…everyday…on national television. But I suppose his personal life is just that, personal, and his to chose what he does with or who he shares it with. It does seem painfully obvious that he’s gay though.

  • Britt

    @ shoesofpink
    Maybe he just feels as though his sexuality is just not something he feels he needs to share with the whole world like you said. Also, how is it painfully obvious? I know many metro sexual men including my husband. He really seems just like a man who isn’t a caveman and has entered the 21st century. Gay or straight Anderson is awesome.

    • shoesofpink

      Are you one of those people who goes on internet sites and tries to start fights with people? Because that’s really what it sounds like…