Kylie Minogue Receives An Honorary Doctorate Degree


Kylie Minogue may already be an accomplished musician and actress but now she is also a degree-holding smartie ;) Kylie was honored this week with an honorary degree in Health Science from Anglia Ruskin University in Chelmsford, Essex. A very smiley Kylie was on hand to collect her degree … check out her graduation photo and some deets from the ceremony below.

Pop princess Kylie Minogue has received an honorary degree from a university with campuses in Essex and Cambridgeshire. The 43-year-old collected an honorary Doctorate of Health Sciences from Anglia Ruskin University at a ceremony in Chelmsford. It has been awarded in recognition of her work promoting breast cancer awareness after battling the disease. The Australian is one of 12 people to be conferred honorary degrees. Wearing a traditional doctoral cap and gown, she spoke to about 220 graduates from the faculty of education. She said: “I never went to university so my dad will be very proud when he sees the pictures. “I am here partly for the work I do promoting breast cancer awareness. “When you are diagnosed yourself it becomes a lot more real and you appreciate at first hand the hard work that goes on to support patients through it.” Ms Minogue, who has recorded more than 30 top 10 UK singles over a career lasting more than 20 years, was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. She subsequently underwent surgery and a course of chemotherapy. Several other names from the world of entertainment, sport and business are being honoured at the university’s graduation ceremonies in Chelmsford and Cambridge this week, alongside 2,500 successful university students … Professor Michael Thorne, vice chancellor of Anglia Ruskin University, said: “We make honorary awards to individuals of extraordinary talent who have made an outstanding contribution to their chosen field of endeavor. “We hope that the recipients of these honorary awards will serve as examples to our graduates.”

Woot!! What an amazing accomplishment! Kylie looks fantastic in her robes … I am so proud of her. While I adore Kylie for all of her fun musical accomplishments, I am thrilled that she does everything she can for breast cancer awareness. The fact that she is a survivor really adds weight to her voice. As you may recall, Kylie was “knighted” by Prince Charles back in 2008 but I think I’m more proud of her for getting an honorary degree in Health Science for her cancer awareness work. Well done, Kylie … congrats and LOVE!


  • gayana

    umm really?? im getting my MBA right now and the Thesis paper is pain in the butt, not mentioning the exams… and she travels the world with a breast cancel logo on her sweater and gets a doctorate degree?? JOKE

    • Lynne

      How is it a joke? The woman battled breast cancer. She is obviously more knowledgeable because her past diagnosis. She became a advocate for self breast exam awareness and so forth. That’s why it’s called a “honorary” degree!

    • Dennis

      Did you miss the part about her personal cancer treatment? Oh you are right. Writing a paper is much harder than having cancer. You poor thing.