Ian Somerhalder Looks Fine & Dandy In ‘Flaunt’ Magazine


The Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder is featured in the new issue of Flaunt magazine and he is lookin’ pretty damn dolled up in his photospread. Ian models some of the more colorful looks for Fall/Winter 11/12 and manages to have a fabulous time playing model. The photos are priceless … check out a few scans from this new issue of Flaunt magazine below.

I can’t even … these photos are the BEST. I love how much Ian seems to embrace, well, anything. He strikes me as the kind of guy who loves to take risks and sees the fun in everything. These clothes look a bit ridiculous and, yet, Ian wears it all very well. LOVE!


  • Marcus_Em


  • nicole

    cute photos..but IMO..they dont do him any justice at all.

  • Mariah

    Too many clothes.

    • Mariah

      …Not enough skin.

    • @Mariah — LOL

  • Jstar


  • rOXy

    I truly thought the cover photo to this post was a picture of him playing some Disney Prince Charming. You’re right, these outfits are beyond ridiculous but he makes them so much fun.

    • c-word

      haha! me too! ;)

    • Heidi

      lol, me three!

  • ohs

    Kind of surprised that you like him – he’s very homophobic per many interviews

    • Bee

      Do you have any sources to confirm that? He just doesn’t seem like a homophobic kinda guy. But if it’s true, I guess it won’t matter to some gays, you can get away with anything if you’re “hot”.

  • cmc

    I seriously can’t even express how much I ADORE the photo of him holding up a cocktail with the sun in his face and his feet in the pool. I swear, if my entire life feels like that photo, I’ll be the happiest girl in the world!

  • Juneh

    That picture of him with that cocktail, I love it SO much!!

  • Um, No.

    Not because he doesn’t look hot, but because I don’t approve of magazines using this style and not Matt Smith.

  • Sara

    I want him so much more than I want to. Ugh… he’s SO hot!!! Also, I agree with above posters… he really doesn’t need any clothes at all. :D