Kristen Stewart Kinda Sorta Confirms Her Romance With Robert Pattinson


On Monday we got our first look at Twilight actress Kristen Stewart on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of British GQ magazine. Today we get to see more photos from her GQ photospread … but it’s her newly released interview answers that are getting all of the attention today. For MONTHS, there has been much speculation (bolstered by some bit of photographic evidence) that K. Stew has been romantically involved with her Twilight co-star Robert Pattinson. In her interview with GQ, Kristen confirms that she is “so obviously” dating Rob … her “British boyfriend”.

There have been plenty of ‘no comments’, hints here and there, and of course numerous paparazzi photographs oh stolen kisses, holding hands and romantic rendezvous around the globe. But for the first time, Kristen Stewart has admitted frankly to her relationship with co-star Robert Pattinson. Despite the rest of the world accepting it as fact well over a year ago, the stars of Twilight have remained as tight-lipped as possible on the subject, often laughing and joking their way out of answering questions during interviews. And it was only an off-the-cuff comment overheard by a journalist that the 21-year-old even begrudgingly discussed her boyfriend. The actress remarks during her cover photoshoot that she is hoping to explore the UK more during her time here for filming of Snow White and the Hunstman, ‘because my boyfriend is English.’ When the writer comments on the remark the following day during their interview, the famously coy star replied, ‘I never would have said that if I knew you were interviewing me.’ But when it is pointed out that all their fans know about the long-term relationship by now, as her goings-on are so easily monitored in the press, Kristen offers an unexpectedly frank reply. ‘Yeah, I know it is,’ she tells the magazine. ‘So much of my life is so easily Googled. I mean, it’s like, come on guys, it’s so obvious! I don’t think you realise what a big deal it is for people. Well, it is a big deal. They would be “Oh. My. God”. There would also be still a 50/50 split. Some people would still be, “See, told you they’re not together.”’ She continues: ‘I don’t worry about it at all. It’s just one of those things. I’m selfish. I’m like, “That’s mine!” And I like to keep whatever is mine remaining that way. It’s a funny little game to play and it’s a slippery slope. I always say to myself I’m never going to give anything away because there’s never any point or benefit for me.’ Despite previously (and controversially) comparing living her life in front of the paparazzi to being raped, Kristen says: ‘It really is not a nightmare, it’s just one of those things. I guarantee whenever I get married or have a baby, everyone is going to want to know my kid’s name and I’m not going to say it for ages. That’s just the way I want to do it. It’ll come out but it won’t have come from me. They’re going to be really pissed off that I won’t say it and I’m just going to say, “No!” I also have that desire to blurt stuff out, but I’ve learned I can’t do that. Not when you realise the whole world is listening. That’s why perhaps I look so uncomfortable in interviews at times. I mean, we’ve talked about hiding things and I’ve had to get much more adept at that, sadly. But I’m glad I’m not one of those actresses who is just so ready to open up for everyone.’

And there you have it … Kristen and Rob are, in fact, a couple. The world did NOT screech to a halt at that revelation (tho, a few Pattinson fanatics may be a bit miffed by this news). I am unsurprised but happy that — at last — the secret’s out. Now, can we move on? As for these new GQ photos, I think Kristen looks good. I love the 60’s movie star vibe she’s got going on. A+ all around.

So … are you happy, sad or non-committal about Kristen’s revelation about her Rob romance?

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  • Ama

    Was anyone really doubting they were a couple? I thought everyone knew. I mean, they adopted a dog together. Duh~

    Pft. Anyway, good for them, hope they are happy together. They seem like a good couple. They match each other, ha.

  • Gina

    Okay, so I read this interview because I’m actually a fan of hers….until I finished the interview. I thought the comment about everyone wanting to know her kid’s name and her not telling anyone for ages was very rude to her fans. I know people shouldn’t expect anything from celebrities personal lives, but I truly thought she was extremely rude in this interview. She became a superstar becasue of people like me who supported her and we get a rude slap to the face. I thought she was a very down to earth person, but now I can see that she is letting fame go to her head. I suppose it was only a matter of time. Personally I have to say, I’m no longer a fan.

    • Ama


      I didn’t think she was being rude since this is how she presents herself in every interview. She was being ‘very down to earth’ in this interview, just as she is in every other interview. She said she wants to keep her private life, private. Meaning when she has children she doesn’t want them exposed to the public, including their names. She wants them to remain private-she won’t share the information on them(including name), but she thinks that it will eventually get out eventually-just not from her. That’s what I got from it anyways, and I didn’t see that as being rude.

      I’m not a fan of hers, so maybe that’s why I didn’t find it rude.

    • krissy

      Just because you buy a ticket to her movie does NOT mean that you are owed private details about her life. Especially not something as private and personal as a child.

      People act like once someone gets famous, the public has every right to information they would never demand from any other stranger. You have to own the facts: You are a stranger to her, and you are not her family.

    • Danielle

      Wow Krissy, defensive much? You are not family either, yet you are one of the first to jump to her rescue ALL THE TIME. That seems a little hypocritical don’t you think? Gina just felt offended not because she wants to know
      her kids’ names, but that she is so cocky about it. She is not the best actress out there. That’s for sure and one day when her Twilight star fades she will wish people actually gave two shits what her kids’ names are.

    • krissy

      I’m not defensive, I just think our society has some really odd views on what they are entitled to. And it applies to all celebs, not just Kristen Stewart. I think she is talented, but she is not my favorite actress or anything, so your bitter comments about her career are wasted on me.

      I don’t see Kristen’s comments as being cocky at all, just protective. The fact that you take privacy as being “cocky” is just another example of how extreme this entitlement has become.

    • Lisbeth Slander

      Actually, she was being a bit of a cocky snatch when she said that and what Danielle was saying is homegirl will be out of the limelight within two years since she can’t act her way out of a paper bag. No one will care who or what she names her kids when this idiotic Twilight obsession dies down after the final film. Kristen comes across as a bratty, snot nosed baby in every interview she gives. By acting like some diva I think SHE feels entitled to something many won’t give her…credibility.

  • sarah

    she looks really good. i always thought she had that classic beauty..

    oh gosh it was obvious they were together since the first twilight more.. c’mon now..

  • hanna

    I always knew it. It was pretty obvious….I mean they are both very young and work in a very fickle environment, so to say they will last forever is delusional. It will only be a matter of time before one of them meets someone else on set and their relationship fails. Personally I hope they make it. They both seem to be sort of assholes, so I guess they make a perfect couple.

    • Shawnette

      @Hanna- LOL! “I never would have said that if I knew you were interviewing me.” Whatever happened to “don’t be an asshole.” Lmfao this chick is too much man…oh! And “Obviously we’re together.” I’ve never been a fan of hers either and this lovely interview once again made me remember why. I mean Rob Pattinson seems a lot more humble and uhhhh NICE in his interviews. But honestly @ this point…I kinda wish they’d BOTH just GO AWAY!!!

  • ausettofegypt

    her and rob are both awkward, so good couple. (but now that twilight is done, i do wonder how long they will stay together, they got at least two more movies to promote) I still think the best pics of her are from the W magazine.

  • Rikki

    Wow, you fans are truly crazy! Krissy acting like her publicist and bashing people who thought she was being rude. You others acting like teen crazed maniacs….man when does this end? Krissy and Gina, bottom line is NEITHER OF YOU KNOW HER, so get over yourselves and quit arguing about a stupid star.

    • krissy

      I am not a “fan”, I just have principles when it comes to other people’s privacy. It doesn’t just apply to KS. You should look into getting some yourself.

  • nicole

    i dont see this relationship lasting long outside of twilight. i dont know why, i just dont. right now they could be doing good because thier in the same boat with all the hype around thier career..but that will change in the next couple years when thier careers start taking different directions. i could be wrong..i mean look at channing tatum and his wife..they met on thier first movie together and still seem to be going strong.

  • Sandra

    Krissy wow. It’s just people’s opinions. You lashed out at Gina first. She obiviously is a huge fan and felt a little taken back. Not because of privacy or entitlement, but more on the grounds that she is probably way younger than you and literally looks up to her. Maybe she thought the comments about giving things and getting nothing in return was really hurtful because she seems like a mega fan. Being famous doesn’t entitle anyone to think they are above anyone else and she kind of said that in her own “real” way. If you can’t handle people lashing back at you I suggest you don’t do it to others.

    • Krissy

      I didn’t lash out at anyone. I just stated my opinion and I didn’t tell anyone that they couldn’t share their own opinion.

      Once again, I find it very odd that a person protecting their own privacy is deemed to be acting like they are “above” someone else. How is protecting your own privacy an insult to someone else?

    • Sandra

      It’s NOT about protecting her privacy, it’s the way she went about saying it. She acted like people will really care about her kids. Now maybe crazy people will, but I’m sure most people won’t. If she doesn’t want any part of her life in the spotlight then she should either get a different career or move to a different country like Johnny Depp. She thinks people will care about her after Twilight and some might, but most of the fans will not. Unfortunately this is the case when you see any of them do anything outside of Twilight and to be honest I like her non-Twilight stuff better, but Hollywood is Hollywood and when you can’t deliver the money in theaters eventually she will lose roles.

      So, I don’t think it was ever about her private life. No one cares about her life, but I’m sure that her loyal fans do care when she says crude things in this interview. She seems extremely ungrateful for all the success she has due to her fans. Twilight, which skyrocketed her to super fame, would be nowhere without the huge fan following. That’s pretty obvious.

  • andrea

    everyone has been quick to comment on the fact that she has openly announced that when she has kids she’ll be keeping the names a secret and that she’ll be very private about them. but have you all forgotten about the attention loving duo of mariah carey and nick cannon. these two LOVE the spotlight to be on them, but once they had their twins have any of the general public seen them yet? nope. we only know their names. they chose to keep their new babies out of the public eye and enjoy their first few months in total privacy. but nobody is judging them for that. so it’s really no different to what kristen is saying. she just happens to be announcing that she’ll do it even before she even gets pregnant.

    i respect her decision to keep her private life private and not feel she needs to provide everything to the tabloids to keep her fans happy. just because of her huge celebrity status right now it doesn’t mean that everything should be splashed all over the pages of the magazines and internet. heck, look at michael jackson! the guy kept his kids so private that they had to wear masks when they went into toy stores because he didn’t want their faces spread all over the world. the fans love her because of the work she does in movies, not because of what she does in her private life. so just leave it at that and you’ll never be disappointed.

    • Jade

      No one is judging her on her private life or about her future kids. I think some of the mega fans, like Gina, were put off by her rude way of saying it. She is clearly being ungrateful. Acting like people will care. I agree with Sandra, I highly doubt anyone will care. And it’s not her fans that want to know all about her life it’s the tabloids, so please get that right. I’m a Kristen fan, but I’d never expect her to spill out her personal life so I’ll buy the magazine.

  • helen

    Please kids, enough with the misconstruing of information. Okay will some people want to know about her life? Yes. Will others? No. Some people are just fans of her work and nothing else, but when she literally says she’s selfish in a very public interview, that should show some people that she may be a tad bit ungrateful for her success. Come on, wasn’t that the whole point of everyone getting heated? I think they are saying that she came off ungrateful, which had nothing to do with her private life.

    • Krissy

      In order to think that she was ungrateful, I guess you’d have to believe that it is truly selfish to keep personal details to yourself.

    • helen

      It has nothing to do with that. Her personal life was never the issue. What don’t you understand about that?

    • Krissy

      Her personal life wasn’t the issue? The “selfish” comment was in reference to keeping her personal details to herself. You can try to cut corners, but ultimately, these comments are saying that she is ungrateful because she doesn’t want to share her personal life with her fans/the press. That is absurd.

      For you to reference the selfish comment, and then act like the subject of that comment had nothing to do with the word she used is just silly.

  • helen

    That was just an example from the interview to show how some people might have mistaken her talking about her private life vs. her career. If I were her I wouldn’t say crap either. It’s her life. I was just trying to help you understand why OTHERS may have thought differently about some of her responses. That’s it…..they may have read it wrong. And for the record when people become stars they do sign up for not having a private life. It comes with the territory. You want millions of dollars and tons of success? Well there is a price to pay for that. There is never a reason to have the last word. You thought a certain way and so did others.

  • Tracy

    Isn’t it funny how she seems to admit this when they are about to start promoting BD?….Just saying.

    • nicole

      oh believe me..the thought came into my head too.

  • strawberry

    err.. i don’t get what’s the big deal about the not saying her kids’ names out part. that was rude? man, you have not even seen real rudeness, i tell you.

    anywho, good that she and robert are together for real!!!!! the thought of her having sex with robert makes me hate her and envious of her at the same time. that’s one lucky bitch there.

  • Snuffy

    Haha what is that pose in the middle pic? She looks like the skinniest girl at the bodybuilding contest :P

  • Anna

    I think the whole conversation is obviously a mess. I thought people commented on this stuff to voice their opinion, not agrue. Personally this is what I gathered: The first few people misread the interview and that she was rude. Others thought that those people that said she was rude thought they were talking about her personal life. Then there was the one trying to explain why the first few got upset. Bottom line people is this, no one knows her and ever will. She is a celebrity and like most, really doesn’t give two craps about any of you. I mean why would she? She is doing what she loves and getting paid millions to do it. To defend or bash her is just silly because either way people, we are just faces in the crowd to her.

  • shoesofpink

    I really couldn’t give two shits. I found her responses as to why she didn’t want to come public about it, and won’t come public about other happenings in her future to be more interesting. I mean, what’s the harm in the world knowing that she’s in love, or that she got married or had a baby? The whole thing seems rather immature to me.

  • shoesofpink

    Wow, just got done reading all of you having your piss fit about KW’s interview. IMHO she did sound a bit cocky, but I think that has to do with age. Yes, of course she deserves her privacy just like ANYONE. But it was, just as others stated, HOW she worded her responses that come off as her being full of herself and entitled.

    I don’t think that fans are “entitled” to know the details of celebrities personal lives, but I do however think that as a celebrity you should be gracious to your fans and not act like letting them know anything about you would be a gift to them. When you’re famous, the people you really have to thank are your fans. She doesn’t seem to be doing any of that in this or other interviews I’ve seen with her in them. But again, I thik that has a lot to do with her age. Perhaps once she’s a little older she’ll gain some insight as to how she became so famous and appreciate it a bit more by being gracious to her fans instead of acting like them knowing anything about her is a complete act of intrusion.

  • Sandy

    I think it’s funny that all of you are freaking out over her cocky answers. Really? We’re talking about Kristen Stewart. You know, the chick that thinks acting is blinking 5 million times in two hours.
    She’s a brat. Get over it. If she has kids and doesn’t want to say their names, oh well. No one will care about her by then anyway

  • Jodi

    I just think it’s rather arrogant the way she claims “everybody” will want/does want to know all kinds of details about her personal life. I can count on two hands the number of celebrity baby names I know and the majority of those are because they are really bizarre names, or because the celebrity goes to extremes to 1. keep everything about their kid a secret or 2. keep them in the press by revealing everything. The others just fade into the background.

    Personally, I would like her to address the gay rumors. (Is she or isn’t she? Does she support her GLBT fans? What does she think about all the girls out there who crush on her?) I don’t really care who she is dating at the moment.

    Of course it’s her right to keep silent on anything personal, but if she didn’t try to be so secretive I don’t think people would be so intrigued. (Hello, we are having a heated debate about her right now because of it.)

    It takes somebody with a hugely overinflated ego to think it is normal to keep the fact of who you are dating a secret unless you can somehow “benefit” from it. Is she talking about an actual monetary “pay off”? I hope not because WTH? (What price would they have to offer her before she sells out her private life? UGH.)

    I have always been a fan of hers until now, but she just comes off as so arrogant in this interview. Does she have to call a news conference to tell us who she is dating? Of course not. But to imply that she WOULD do it if she got some sort of “benefit” from it…SO ARROGANT and self-absorbed.

    However, she is very young, so she has time to get over herself, and I don’t feel like she has done or said anything unforgivable (even the “rape” comments) if she does grow up and stop acting like a brat. I am rooting for her that she will be successful after Twilight and grow up a little. Maybe she will follow Jodie Foster’s example and keep her private life private, but manage not to be an ass about it.

  • Unpublished

    Oh dear… what can you say? Kirsten rose to fame in like half a second, she’s still young and well, a lot of people would let the Twilight mania go to their head. If Kirsten doesn’t learn to play nice in interviews she might find herself in a bad place. I mean if you look at MOST really famous people, they have a certain grace in interviews that protects their secrets and comes off a little less: “I know something you won’t know” ish. I wish her luck but to be honest, Twilight isn’t some deep, meaningful movie that lasts the span of time, it’s about a teen girl who falls for the bad boy type(who’s way older than her), stalks him and then dies for him. It may just be me, but I never really connected with Kirsten in the movie (creepy but I don’t know how else to put it) and seeing this interview makes me feel like she thinks this fame of Twilight will last forever. But once again, she’s young and I wish her will but she’s coming off as a brat. :/

  • Nunu

    I’m actually very on Krissy’s side on this & I don’t even like Kristen. I can see your point Krissy.

    • Jen

      Ok, I don’t really give two shits who she is with and what her kids’ names will be, but what I do have a problem with is her arrogant way of saying it. Like, “I’m awesome and you’re not.” It is annoying, but the biggest slap in the face is when she literally claims her TEACHERS FAILED HER because they wouldn’t take out extra time for a child actress. Sorry, they were too busy actually getting children ready for real jobs in the real world. Then she complains about home schooling, well, you either go to school like every other person and quit acting or you shut the hell up and make school the first priority and acting second. Life is about what you learn and the challenges you face to overcome the bad parts of life…NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT IT! She is NOT anything special, yet she thinks everyone should think she is. People that say she is down to earth are clearly crazy. She is an idiot that should quit talking!

  • Mrs. Mathers

    i couldn’t agree more. i’ve never loved her, but she made her self seem like and ass in this interview.

  • The silly little girl in me is happy that “Edward” and “Bella” are actually together… but she comes off as a huge asshole in that article. Makes me give less of a crap.

  • BBGirl

    I think they make a beautiful couple and I do hope they are able to keep the romance alive even with the kind of work they are in. Good luck guys! You two deserve a life just like anyone else.

  • Susan

    This girl is a complete twit

  • Stephanie

    I think she has every right to feel how she feels and I could not be happier for her or Robert. They made an awesome couple in the Twilight Saga and They make an even better couple in the real world. They are both extremely talented and awesome! <3