Rihanna Announces The Title Of Her New Album


Last month we learned that Rihanna WILL release a new album before year’s end but up until now, the name of that album has been kept under wraps. Ri Ri’s official Facebook profile has been loaded with games to get users to interact with the site in order to win special achievements. The latest game offered the prize of learning the album title … and if you click below, you can find out RIGHT NOW what the title of Rihanna’s new album will be when it gets released this Fall.

So … we know that Rihanna can Talk That Talk … but can she walk that walk? Yeah, I dunno what that means but … now we know her new album title. Now … let’s hear some more new music, yes? Bring it Rihanna … less talking and more MUSIC, please ;)


  • Jen

    Trent, are you watching the iPhone event?! I’m so excited for them to announce whatever the new iPhone 5 is!

    • @Jen — Yes, I’m watching … waiting …

    • Jen

      Same here! iPhone 4S…I wanted a redesign but I’ll still be there at the West Hollywood Best Buy the minute it’s released!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Her new song is really growing on me and the more I hear it hte more I am digging it!! I can’t wait to hear more.

    • nicole

      agreed…its still not my favorite song, but i can sit through it….sometimes.
      damn that calvin harris.