Kristen Stewart Covers British ‘GQ’ Magazine


Kristen Stewart, who will star in the upcoming sequel film The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, is featured on the cover and in the pages of the new issue of British GQ magazine. Altho her coverstory interview has yet to be made available to the public, her coverphoto and one of the inside photos have made their way to the internets. Click below to preview K. Stew’s feature in the new issue of GQ.

Ciao, Bella. After four years as the heroine of abstinence-drenched vampire series Twilight, Kristen Stewart is ready to sink her teeth into something a little more grown-up. The actress goes for chilled beers and nachos with GQ to talk candidly about the phenomenon, fame and the future, starting with another book adaptation: next year’s On The Road. Read the full interview and see the stunning photo shoot by Norman Jean Roy in the November issue of British GQ, out on Thursday.

Kristen has a lot on her plate these days … the new Twilight whirlwind is about to get underway, then she will move on to promoting the release of On The Road and then Snow White and the Huntsman. Love her or hate her, homegirl is on FIRE these days. I’m digging her recent magazine appearances. She looked great in W magazine … and I’m loving these photos, too. Take note, Twihards … his issue of GQ hits newsstands on October 6.


  • nicole

    i like them from the neck down. she needs to work on the facial expressions

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    SHe looks really cute!!

  • Jen

    The other mag cover is way better. She is not a vixen. She is a more natural girl,so I don’t care for these pics.

  • Ama

    She looks good in these photos. It seems as though she is finally becoming comfortable in modeling and being in the spotlight. Good for her.

    • apriljan

      @Ama — Now, if she can get comfortable acting, I’d be on board.. LOL.

    • Ama

      @Apriljan- She’s not incredibly terrible with acting. I just feel that her acting ability goes better with certain type of films. Romance is not one of them. I don’t believe action or comedy are ones that ‘fit’ her acting ability either. She can certainly grow as an actress in time, but I think the movies she has been in lately are not fit for her current acting abilities.

    • nicole

      @Ama – i agree…i know that no actor likes to be typecast but i think shes one of actors who fit better in one type of movie. – atleast for now.

    • Laura

      Really? you can make a difference between the type of movies? because every single movie I have seen of her is the same facial expression, It’s like they cut and paste her acting on all movies

    • apriljan

      @Ama and @nicole — LMFAO what?! If romance (which eludes to drama anyway), action, or comedic films don’t “fit” her acting abilities, then what would? I sure as hell can’t see her in a musical, sci-fi, or historical film. What other film genre is left? Is she destined to be typecasted into a thriller/horror film forever then?! I mean, honestly, you’re already pretty much saying that she’s a horrible actress without having to actually SAY it. If she isn’t versatile enough as an actress to mold into any of those types of films, then she shouldn’t be an actress. Period.

  • Nicola


    • LeiLani

      Yeah these pics are pretty much standard Kristen. Mouth open, vacant expression. But as far as her acting goes…been over that A LONG time ago. She’s done A LOT of films too, and I’ve come not to expect anything different because she doesn’t really have the range…sorry :(

    • Laura

      You can see how uncomfortable she is in her own skin, same standard pictures with her TRYING to look like someone she is not which is a sexy woman… Dita Von Teese she is not

    • Tracy

      LOL!!You made me laugh out loud…

  • Amanda D

    boring – next

  • JCZ

    Not gonna sit here and say how much I love her nor am I gonna say that I hate her. I think she is sexy as farrrrk!

    But seriously, I’ve a lot of people comment on this post write stuff on other posts about other celebs ranting on how hating is pathetic and childish & what not..
    Yet on every post about Kristen Stewart they never seem to shut up about hating on her ‘face’ which is incredibly rude.

    She’s a celeb, not gonna see this or give a crap. They all suffer from hating. But when people defend others but do the exact opposite to another is just ‘pathetic & childish’.

    Honestly what MORE can the girl do with her face? Who gives a crap if she opens her mouth?! There are some people who are naturally like that. Just like others naturally smile with their mouth closed etc..
    I’m not a Twilight fan AT ALL, but she is probably one of the better actors out of the bunch. Better than the two blokes thats for sure! And I’ve seen her in roles where she is great, Panic Room for example.
    She could probably make a better model, much like what she is doing in this magazine spread – and last I saw, model’s didnt do much with their face besides smiling or posing.

    Give the girl a break for once! I’d prefer open-mouth Kristen posts everyday over a post about Lindsay which a lot of people ‘defend’ for god damn knows what reason!???!

    • Laura

      mmm I thought she was a BOY the first time I saw her on Panic Room and for not being fan of Twilight you really have a lot to say about it. The best actor of the bunch? really? *snort*

      And for someone who is against the HATE on this boards you have an interesting opinion about others acting skills & I bet you haven’t seen any other movies than the Twilight ones

      who gives a crap you ask? well I ask you… why YOU give a crap?


    • Shawnette

      @Laura- Girrrrrl that’s what I’m talkin bout! LOLOL all your comments are 100% on point…you go on girrrl…go ;)shit, I’m still laughin hahahaha! I really couldn’t have said it better..

    • JCZ

      Pretty much proved my point…..

      As for the ‘HATE’, I was “praising” someones acting in a movie over another actors. That’s not hating? One sentence about Twilight is not a lot to say about it. That’s the only film I’ve seen of the saga, Twilight, none of the others. I would also like to challenge you at that bet – it’s not like K.Stew wasn’t known before Twilight – she had quite a number of roles up her sleeve before landing Bella, Twilight just simply put a padlock on Wiki page cause people wouldn’t stop hating on her cause A) She is Bella and B) She is Rob’s bitch.

    • Laura

      @shawnette LOL Thanks

      @JCZ ANDDDD you just showed your true colors, don’t come here all outrageous and pretend you are not a Twilight fan or a shipper, because with that last statement you just blew your cover.

      Yes, she has a lot of roles under her belt INDEPENDENT ones that nobody knew about till Twilight hit, I wonder why nobody was praising her then? *taps chin* & you forget who her momma is??

      She got Bella because she was friends with NReed who was friends with CHardwicke… it’s all about one word “Connexions”

      To end all, giving the opinion that someone is NOT a good actress or model, doesn’t make them haters, there is people (yeah I know shocking) that don’t like her not because of the role she have or who she is or not banging, the only reason is for HER, for who SHE is, for how SHE acts around others, for trying to pretend to be something she is not

  • alcyone

    She’s really pretty and has a great bod but she doesn’t have sex appeal, none of that ooomph factor. And yeah, different pose, same expression.

  • Brina

    We need to stop admiring celebs with anorexic bodies, this is not healthy for teenagers. She looks unhealthy, and she is extremely photoshoped here… I don’t call THIS sexy.

  • maldy-1

    Kristen really is incredibly beautiful. She can act, sing quite well and i believe her to be one of the most honest people in all of stardom. If i decided to compile a list of my favourite actresses under 40 Kristen Stewart would be right on top.