Watch: Baby Princes William & Harry Pose For A Photoshoot With Their Parents


An old video of the British Royal Family from 1985 has made its way to the Internets and it gives us an absolutely ADORABLE look at Princes William and Harry when they were very little. Their parents Prince Charles and Princess Diana were sitting for a family photoshoot but the baby princes were the main attraction. I’m not sure if you’re ready but click below to see the cutest video EVER of toddler Prince Wills and baby Prince Harry and family.

I cannot EVEN. Baby Harry is just too much. This is such a great video. CUTE CUTE CUTE!


  • Angel

    Woah Prince William has the sweetest baby voice. This video is too much.

  • Katie

    TOO precious!!!!!!

  • kelly

    this is amazing! “harry!” (indignant little prince william). so cute!!! and you can hear diana saying, “louder please”. they were still so innocent in that video. :(

  • Maggie

    Princess Di seems alarmingly unsure, disinterested even, of how to interact with her children.

    • Dee

      I don’t see that at all. It looked like she wanted the attention focused on her boys and thus, she was encouraging the boys to act up and interact with each other.

      If you want another reason, you have to remember Di and Charles’ marriage was already in shambles, and I believe she was also very bulimic at this point in her life as well.

      ..but enough of the sad stuff. The boys are adorable! After seeing this video, I went to youtube and there are so many videos of Princess Diana interacting with her boys and doing charity work. In all of them, you see genuine sincerity and love towards whomever she is speaking too (especially to the kids)!

      Thanks for posting this :)

  • jj

    princess diana is so beautiful the real princess, she will always be the princess of united kingdom for me!

  • gayana

    People’s Princess is definately missed…

    To me though, Harry is dressed like a girl lol )

  • Allie

    i love William shouting at the paparazzi! “WHAT ARE YOU DOING OUT THERE!?” a perfectly reasonable question, especially since it’s raining! :)

  • Danielle

    Yes, they are adorable and Prince Harry was seemingly everywhere but I just have to say, how cute it was to see Prince Charles being hands on and doing silly ‘normal’ daddy things to attempt to get the boys (especially Harry)to focus just long for a snap shot. He seemed so genuinely happy as a daddy of two energetic boys. This little peek was really sweet to see. And as far as Diana, I don’t think she was removed, I think it was simply letting the boys be themselves and not pushing them to perform as quiet children. Heck, there are times when once I’m sitting on the floor and a kid escapes I tell my husband to go get him b/c he’s too heavy and I don’t feel like doing it. You figure too, no one would expect the kids to act a certain way, but Diana, simply being the Princess was expected to behave to some sort of set decorum even in a ‘relaxed’ setting such as this.

  • DivaPie

    Wow, as young and cute as Wills sounds by squawking at his ‘lil bro, you can SURELY tell he had some elocution lessons growing up!!

    Oh, and Prince Charles playfully getting Harry’s attention? Cuter and more involved than I would have previously given him credit for…..

  • fab4runner

    So adorable…minus the creepy narrator.

  • joeygirl1215

    charlie bit me just got owned.

    • kellye

      I was thinking the same thing all the way through it!!

      Diana was and is so gorgeous. How I wonder what this world would be like if she was still in it.

    • ChristineLA

      That is exactly what I was thinking watching this. It’s just off the charts cute!

  • BCDanielle

    That was adorable! I love Prince William’s little voice and Prince Harry is just too cute!