Gemma Is Truly Outrageous

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Congratulations are in order for my DEAR friends Gillian and Tim because on Friday they welcomed into the world their first born child … a BEAUTIFUL baby girl named Gemma! I can’t even tell you … my heart MELTED at first sight of her. This darling little girl looks exactly like her daddy … so freaking cute, I can’t even stand it!! Do yourselves a favor and click below to meet this darling, darling little princess.

Isn’t she just so precious? OMG. I know that Gillian and Tim will be amazing parents to little Miss Gemma and they are VERY lucky to have her ;) Please send all your love, congrats and well wishes for a very long very happy life for this newly expanded family ;D

Last night, David and I were invited to a birthday dinner with Darion and his dad Tim for his birthday and we had a great time just catching up with one another:

After dinner we made our way to Tara and PJ’s for a sweet cocktail party. Our Saturday was chock full of friends and loved ones … so, yeah, it was a good day :)

Tonight we will be hanging out with Margaret and Chris … we’re taking them to THE OUTBACK steakhouse! Weee!!! Happy Sunday!!

  1. Oh my goodness, what a sweet little baby girl!! Love the name Gemma, too. Best wishes to Mom and Dad!!

  2. Zanne

    Too cute! :)

  3. Kells

    beautiful bebe!!!!! She’s precious!

  4. Gemma

    What a brill name! :p She’s so cute

  5. Alison

    So sweet! She has the same name as my niece and spelled the same too! Congrats!!

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