First Look: Armani Releases New Xmas Promo Photos Featuring Megan Fox


Back in July when it was announced that Rihanna was hired by Armani as their new female celebrity spokesmodel, it was widely assumed that Megan Fox (the former celebrity female spokesmodel) was let go from the promo campaign. Today we learn that that is not true. Two new Xmas 2011 ads for Giorgio Armani have hit the internets and they feature Megan Fox. And she looks good, y’all. Check out the photos below.

MEGAN Fox gives fans an early Christmas present with these classy festive ads for Armani. The actress underwent a glamorous style overhaul for the promos, rocking a couple of finely-crafted hairdos and sexy black frocks. It’s a far cry from the jeans and crop top-clad babe who dashed about the place in the first two Transformers films.

It’s unclear what Armani products Megan is promoting here (make-up, perhaps?) but we do know that Rihanna is the new main lady for Armani Jeans and Underwear. Clearly the folks at Armani didn’t want to let go of Megan just yet. She looks stunning in these promo photos … I can see why they want to keep her. She looks good, no?


  • jessica

    its only half her really… the other half is photo shop like there’s no tomorrow!

  • lhg

    ya whats with all the photoshop? she’s hot without it.

  • shoesofpink

    She looks gorgeous! As usual. I think she gets a bad rap. She was awesome in Jennifer’s Body.

  • babybunny

    Mouth open.. again. :o

  • nicole

    yes its the make up line..i think i read its for thier new products coming out at christmas.
    i like the photos…a little tooooo photoshopped. but still nice pictures

  • Shannon

    She looks like she could be Elizabeth taylors daughter or maybe granddaughter

  • Lady2176

    I use to not like Megan Fox, but I have to say she really does look absolutely stunning in those photos. She’s ok. :-)

  • Z

    At least she looks better than the crap Rihanna thought was modelling =S!

  • ihearteric

    She is amazing looking! No matter what! And yea @shoesofpink she was amazing I’m Jennifer’s Body that’s what made me fall in love with her

  • Her skin is smoothed to oblivion from Photoshop, but that hair looks great.