Watch: Christina Aguilera Releases A Commercial For Her Perfume ‘Secret Potion’


Back in June we learned that Christina Aguilera was readying the release of her next fragrance, a perfume she is calling Secret Potion. Today we get to check out the video trailer for the smell. Xtina looks good, even if the commercial looks kinda cheap. Hopefully the perfume will smell more luxurious. Check out the commercial below and see for yourselves.

Bless her heart for trying. I mean, the commercial ain’t terrible … it’s just that the FX leave MUCH to be desired. Homegirl does look good tho. I’m loving her hair (despite the red lipstick I hate). Meh. I bet this stuff will still sell.


  • Be a little inappropriate

    Chrissy gurl come on change that hair color I’m so sick of the white blonde and red lips. Go back to black or brown or red something.

  • nicole

    i dont think theres ever been a perfume commerical that hasnt had that cheese factor.
    but i do like the shape of that bottle.

  • Sara

    So over this trashy woman!

  • jj

    shes never been my type of girl, she always depend on too much make-up… ugh

  • Xadax

    Viva La Aguilera. Screw them delusional haters!

  • giggle-snicker

    BEST work she’s ever done!

  • Dana

    I wonder when this was shot?? Saw photos and video of her at a Concert in Hong Kong last week and she has gain a ton of weight or is Pregnant…Check out You Tube.

    • nicole

      i dont think it was shot that along ago..she looks about the same size in her new world hunger psa, and that was only shot a couple months ago.

  • rOXy

    Every single celebrity fragrance has that synthetic cheap cloying smell. It all reminds me of bug spray.

    • Stephan

      Apparently Christina’s fragrances have won awards and stuff from perfume experts and her line is rather big in Europe. One thing is that she always manages to talk intelligently about her scents.