Kevin Federline Unveils The First Photos Of His Newborn Baby Girl


Last month we learned the joyous news that Kevin Federline and his ladyfriend Victoria Prince became the proud parents of a baby girl they named Jordan Kay. Today, just about 6 weeks after she was borne into the world, little Miss Jordan Kay is being introduced to the world in the pages of Us Weekly magazine. Click below to get your first look at the newest member of the Federline family.

She’s only six weeks old, but Jordan Kay Federline already has a full head of hair! The adorable newborn made her debut when parents Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince recently took her out for a beachside stroll in Santa Barbara, Calif. This is the first child for Prince, 28, and the fifth for Federline, who has two sons with ex-wife Britney Spears (Sean Preston, 6, and Jayden, 5) and two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson (daughter Kori, 8, and son Kaleb, 6). Federline, 33, explained the decision to name his daughter Jordan Kay to Us Weekly in April. “[Victoria] said that if we were going to have a little girl, she wanted to name her Jordan. And then, we actually thought that it was a boy, but we stuck with the name Jordan because, you know, it fits both ways.”

I have to say, Jordan is a little cutie. I love her full head of hair, she’s a doll. As for her father, well, I’ll refrain from speaking my true mind out of respect for the darling little girl’s public debut. I will say, tho, at 33 years old with 5 children already there is still PLENTY of time for K-Fed to spawn more babies. Chances are we may get to meet new Federline babies in the coming years so … yeah. In any event, let’s send out love and congrats to the happy family and our sincerest welcome into the world to Jordan Kay.

[Photo credit; GSI; Source]

  • Be a little inappropriate

    6 weeks old and already being whored out for a paycheck so sad. Oh and he’s gonna impregnate her one more time then leave and find some other poor misguided confused woman to sperminate, and since she’s the one with the job guess who’s gonna be getting another child support.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    God he is disgusting how the hell does she have sex with him, I mean I kinda got how shar and britney did it, cause if you over looked his personality back then he was hot in a douche bagy frat boy sort of way, but now just looking at his fat, droopy, doubled chinned, bitch titted, greasy ass makes me want to puke.

  • Katie

    Wow, looks more like he was the one that just had the baby…

  • SuzieB

    LMAO!!! OMFG @bealittle & @Katie – thank you for making me laugh!! You’re both beyond right!! God K-Well-Fed looks hideous. He’s all bloated and doing the “I have a receding hairline, so I’ll grow it long” look goin on. Just awful. But babies are a blessing…so can’t say anything bad about her, she’s adorable.

    • DM

      glad I’m not the only one who noticed Kevin’s receding hairline

  • Katmoww

    He makes me wanna vomit.

  • Brittany

    He really needs to get the snip-snip done!

    • C-rex

      Agreed!!!!! My husband got The Chops, and it has done nothing but IMPROVED our “marital relations”. Much more spontaneous and entertaining, and no worries!!! Hoorah for Noon’ers!!!! =D

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I agree with everyone…he is one trashy lazy asshole!!

  • Allie

    aw poor baby girl, so sweet. she has no say in who her dad is. hopefully she stays adorable and healthy and mostly influenced by mom, who (despite poor judgement in boyfriends) seems otherwise pretty normal!

  • nicole

    shes freakin adorable. so chunky! love her cheeks..i kinda just want to squeeze her :)

  • Kate

    Yeah, I’m not convinced that the hair on that kid is all hers… kinda looks like one of these:

    • Katie

      That has to be one of the creepiest things ever lol!

  • Manderz

    he has got some potent sperm….i would love to see all of his kids and the brangelina brood in a “celebrity” spawn dodgeball game….they each have about 12 kids right? Hmmm…i should prob get on this before MTV steals it from me….

  • RuthJ

    I think I’d rather live a sex less life than sleep with K-Fed…let alone have him impregnate me.

  • Ella Bean

    K-Fat, haven’t you made enough human beings already? Maybe it’s time to put a glove on it!

  • S.L

    Why is he in UsWeekly? Neither of them are famous…at all.

  • AVDisco

    Why report on him?

    It’s just going to give him a false sense of importance. Any article describing his interaction with Britney should just call him “the father of Britney’s children.” No photos. Blah.

  • jane


  • so cute … love those chubby cheeks …

  • Bob Cummings

    OMG get that kid to a barber shop for a shave and a haircut quick!