Britney Spears Responds To The ‘Criminal’ Controversy In The UK


Last week we heard of a report out of England about a bit of controversy stirred up by the filming of Britney Spears’s new music video for her new single Criminal. Apparently, a few politicians over there felt that Britney was “glorifying gun violence” because she was seen with a gun in hand as she filmed her video. Today we get to hear from Team Britney as they respond to the hub bub. Check out the official statement below.

When Britney Spears flew to London earlier this month to shoot her video for “Criminal,” she probably didn’t think the clip would generate the kind of controversy it has. And yet, in the week since she wrapped filming, Spears has been taken to task by politicians in the U.K. for a scene in the video, in which the pop star packs a pistol as she flees a London-area building. They’ve claimed that the image of Brit gripping a gun glamorizes violence and, in the aftermath of the widespread riots that rattled the nation last month, the pop star should “apologize … for the rudeness and damage that she’s done to our community.” Late Monday (September 26), MTV News received a statement from Spears’ camp about the “Criminal” controversy — and, from the sound of things, she’s not going to be apologizing anytime soon. “The video is a fantasy story featuring Britney’s boyfriend, Jason Trawick, which literally plays out the lyrics of a song written three years before the riots ever happened,” the statement read.

I mean … seriously. Let’s be real here … trying to peg the escalation of “gun violence” on one music video is just … dumb. It’s not even worth going into the argument about violence in the media. This, IMHO, is just an excuse for a few politicians who have nothing better to do to get a little media attention. They should be thanking Britney for allowing them to get their names in the newspapers. There is no story here, this is nothing for Britney to apologize for … the end.


  • nicole

    if i was her/her camp, i wouldnt have even bothered. i dont think anyone actually took the politicians seriously.
    – –
    so when the say it “literally plays out the lyrics to the song”…its safe to assume that this video will make sense..and not be a mess like HIAM…right? lol

    • Carrie

      Lol! We can only hope for a “I wanna go” caliber plot.

    • @Carrie — LOL

  • It’s Britney bitch! Good for her and her camp <3

  • Lisbeth Slander

    Is that a pic of Madonna on her shirt from the American Life photoshoots?

  • ihearteric

    Stupid seriously ppl come on!
    She shouldn’t have to apoligize
    I doubt her London fans are mad in any way
    They’re prolly hyped about their home being in the video!

  • sarah

    I was reading somewhere else that the city wanted her to donate to various charities to undo her wrong doing. Seriously? “Hey Britney, you’ve disgraced our community! We don’t want you here! I demand apologies! But hey, give us some money!” Pathetic.

  • loonytick

    Come on people, don’t be so gullible.

    The thing is–why London? I mean really, you have a video concept that includes running around with a gun, and you decide you just have to film it in a place where even the cops don’t carry guns and personal carry permits basically don’t exist–and that just had riots? There’s no reason to have filmed it there instead of Los Angeles UNLESS they thought it would be clever because it is in such contrast to that nation’s laws or because it referred the riots. Or because you’re too lacking in basic education or awareness to realize how tone-deaf it is, which may be true of Britney but surely can’t be the case for everyone involved.

    You don’t get to thumb your nose at another culture and expect not to face some ramifications. Not even if it’s part of some “artistic vision” or if you’re too rich for your own good.

    • @loonytick — LOL! Yeah, I’m *sure* that was the masterplan.

    • Kris

      @Trent – If Britney was alone on a stage with just a bucket and a roll of toilet paper and she took a dump you’d call it genius and defend her. I would too, as I have loved Britney since the beginning as you have. But let’s be real here. If this story involved an artist you didn’t really care for your opinion would probably be very different, no?
      I guess the problem is some people think they’re reading informaiton that is being presented as factual when they need to realize they’re reading your opinion. That’s why they argue I supppose.

    • @Kris — “If this story involved an artist you didn’t really care for your opinion would probably be very different, no?” No, it wouldn’t. I will never blame things like music videos and/or video games for inciting violence. It’s a ridiculous argument that politicians around the world use to try and fortify their careers.

    • jj

      because britney loves LONDON, and she already decided to film her video there, even before or after the riot…

    • Elle

      I’m with Trent on this one. I’m faaaar from a Britney fan and skip any stories on her because I could care less, but this is just stupid.

      Is London going to demand apologies from the makers of Drive, Straw Dogs,The Debt, Columbiana, and every movie theater in England that plays those movies that “glorifies gun violence” on the big screen? Is Jason Statham no longer allowed back on his own soil because he’s made a career of glorifying gun violence and…well every kind of violence. She isn’t the first celebrity to pack heat on England soil for entertainment and she won’t be the last. That she’s catching sh*t for this is just plain dumb.

  • Be a little inappropriate

    and human nature starts playing in my head.

  • john

    For you americas in might seem normal for Britney to be filmed with a gun but here in england guns are not brandished around so easily. Even are police force don’t carry guns. She shows a complete lack of sensitivity to our non-gun carrying nation!!

    • @john — Do they make films in your country? Do you have television? Do they, on occasion … I dunno, maybe sometimes, feature knives, guns, uzis, tanks, bombs, etc. in those films and/or TV shows? Are you offended – on behalf of your country — by ALL of the films/TV shows that are made there that feature any kind of weaponry at all? Cuz … if not … I honestly don’t see what the issue is with this singular music video.

    • Chad

      Right…its not like she made a video that was a political statement.