More Photos Of The New & Improved Catwoman From ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Hit The Internets


Yesterday we got our FIRST LOOK at Anne Hathaway in full Catwoman costume on the SoCal set of Batman: The Dark Knight Rises and today we get to see a few more photos from the set. As you may recall, the first incarnation of the new Catwoman costume left MUCH to be desired … but these new photos show that the costume has been upgraded significantly to make Anne actually look like a cat woman. There is an interesting theory going around that suggests that Catwoman’s ears/mask combo might be made from Batman’s own mask/cowl. Check out the photos below and see what you think.

She’s been working hard to get her figure in the best shape ever ahead of playing Catwoman in the new Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. And yesterday Anne Hathaway showed off the results of all her work as she displayed her incredibly toned physique in her sexy Catwoman catsuit, which she labelled ‘unforgiving’ in a recent interview. The 29-year-old actress looked svelte in the tight black outfit – the first time we have seen the new Catwoman outfit in its entirety. Talking about getting in shape for the role, which was made famous by Michelle Pfeiffer almost two decades ago, Anne said earlier this year: ‘I’m a vegetarian and right now, I’m living on kale and dust for the training. That catsuit’s unforgiving.’ And, referring to her workout regime, she said: ‘There’s a workout hump where you’re so weak that you hate everything, everything is so painful and you look like an idiot. ‘The gym where I work out, I was literally working out next to a pregnant Jessica Alba and she could do more push-ups than I could. I’ve now just started to do Bikram yoga’ … In the new film, Miss Hathaway stars alongside Christian Bale, who plays the Bruce Wayne superhero for the third time – with British actor Gary Oldman reprising his role as police chief Lt James Gordon. On Saturday, in Los Angeles, the trio were seen having their make-up retouched before they started filming.

As I said yesterday, these photos are a HUGE improvement over the first photo we got of the Catwoman costume last month. Ears — Catwoman’s gotta have ears. Now, as for those ears and from whence they came … THIS site makes the (pretty convincing) argument that in TDKR, Catwoman gets her costume from pieces of Batman’s mask/cowl. After all, we already know that she will be riding around on the Batpod motorcycle:

Here is photographic evidence that this recycled costume theory may be right:

It makes sense. Michelle Pfeiffer wore a “homemade” costume in Batman Returns back in 1992 and Halle Berry wore one in Catwoman back in 2004. The Catwomen in recent Batman lore all wear costumes that have that homemade feel. If Anne’s Catwoman is driving around on Batman’s motorcycle, then it stands to reason that she would also have access to his attire as well. So … I gotta know … what do we think about all of this? Does the suit rule? Do you think it’s made from discarded Batman stuff?

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I LOVE IT!! She is looking good!!

  • megan

    I guess it’s possible. If she was possibly “dating” Batman and/or found his “batcave” or found Fox and conned her way into getting him to make HER a suit…nevermind…I don’t want to speculate…1. Because I’m most likely way off base, and 2. I just want to see how it all plays out :-) Love Christopher Nolan’s batman and cannot wait to see it :-)

  • krissy

    I REALLY love the idea that she rippoed off part of his costume. It keeps the comic-book visual, but gives a real-life explanation for why she has cat ears on her head. Love it!

    • nicole


  • loggan

    I don’t get why everybody says is new and improved. We don’t know if it was the original idea for the costume. the fact that there were early pictures of her without the ears doesnt mea they nadever planned to get them. the bad thing about spoilers is that people judge with too much anticipation and assume things for a single pic ot scene. We never expected to see her or christian during the whole filming with the costumes, so i think people should think of that

    • @loggan — When I say “new and improved” I’m referring to the fact that IMHO these photos are new and much improved over the first photos we saw. It was always assumed that the first photo we saw was an early incarnation of the costume. I’m glad to see these photos confirm that belief.

    • loggan


  • Meghan

    I think the costume looks great! Especially those heels, love those.

  • Wynter

    Something about the hair is bothering me… maybe it’s too straight? Julie and Lee had waves and some curls in their hair.

    She looks so much better, though!

  • brandon h

    I’m feeling better about it. It’s giving me more of a Ertha Kitt/Lee Meriwether feel. Still not as good as the Michelle Phiffer Dominatrix Cat suit though.

  • bosie

    I CAN’T WAIT !!!!!!!!!!!!! FOR THE MOVIE AND VID GAME!!!!!!!!!!!

  • soooo glad you gave a shout out to Meriwether – she doesn’t get nearly enough love. – so glad the ears will be in the film – I feel ashamed for ever questioning Nolan.

  • gertrude

    it has been speculated that the ears are the goggles we saw from the first photo, which makes sense i guess.

  • JCZ

    Whilst I personally wasn’t that offended/bothered from the pics a few weeks back… even with this ‘new’ outfit, it’s still not that great.

    I defend they outfit cause the reboot of Batman aims for realism unlike most comic books films. If this performance of Catwoman features her thieving at night and fighting people, then of corse we’re not gonna see her dressed like Michelle Pfeiffer’s portrayal. She would need to be dressed like this in sometime comforting and flexible.

    On the other hand, she just looks like any other person dressed in a bodysuit. I would like to see something more ‘sexier’ like the sort of Femme Fatale character she references. Let’s hope these sorts of scenes are something of Catwoman starting out and then finding her real self or something. I don’t think its an Anne Hathaway thing that its lacking sexual tension, its obviously a director/costume designer problem.

    The other BIG problem is her mask – if she is meant to be whatever she is meant to be, she’s quite noticeable. Anyone can make out its Selena.
    Whilst I am anxious to see this, it wont be half as great as The Dark Knight critically speaking…

    I do see it being as successful as the second, probably making a billion like films are doing these days with ticket prices.
    But really speaking, the franchise would be no where without Heath Ledger’s death which is quite sad.

    The Dark Knight is a superb film – but half the people who saw it wouldn’t have thought so if Heath didn’t pass away. His death really opened it to commercial success which in turn lead to critical success among audiences.

    • Sorry I think thats a stupid thing to say. The film was great anyway, yes it got more press because of his death but it doesnt alter what people think of the quality of the film. it was always going to be a commercial success its batman!

  • Superboi2savu

    i agree that its nice, and i like the idea of her somehow having gotten the mask from Batman. maybe ether by ripping it off as he were leaving and just keeping it as a souvenir or maybe by her doing something to help Batman and he gives her one; telling her if she’s going to do this she should keep her identity secret. but then she decides to “improve it.” both witty things i could see Catwoman doing.

    with all that said, i do however still think there IS “something missing” about the look as a whole. personally i would have really liked to have seen something more along the lines of the look for Catwoman in Batman: Arkham City. i dont mind the hair long or out but i do agree that it does look a lil “to straight.” Catwoman should have a more feral look. i do LOVE the heels though ^_^ something about a chick kicking ass in heels just does it for me lol. i just hope they dont do the same edit error i see in TOO MANY movies when they have an action scene with someone who should be in heels; you know the one where they magically turn into flats wile they fight, then back to heels when they arnt doing anything… ya we noticed that… T_T”

    anyway, i am still excited about having Catwoman in the Dark Night world. i just pray they dont mess her up…..