Watch: Björk Releases A Music Video For ‘Moon’


Back in July we got our first look at Crystalline, the first music video from Björk’s new album Biophilia. Today we get to check out the second music video from the disc for the single Moon. In fine Björk fashion, the video is a mixture of neat visuals and Björk quirkiness. Check it out in full below.

I love that this video is simple and yet … still interesting. I am loving the instrumentation on this track. I’m really dying to hear Biophilia in full but thus far, via the Biophilia iPhone app, I’ve been able to hear a few of the album’s songs in full. While I’m bummed the album release date got pushed back a few weeks, I’m glad that we still don’t have that long to wait.


  • Joanna

    I was just listening to Homogenic and wondering when she was coming out with something new…yay! :D