Lindsay Lohan Is Announced As The New Spokesmodel For Philipp Plein


Trainwreck Lindsay Lohan is trying to un-trainwreck herself by getting back to work … and for some reason, fashion designer Philipp Plein decided to give her a job. Lohan has been selected to be the new spokesmodel for Plein’s line and was unveiled as such at a press conference in Milan, Italy ahead of Fashion Week. Click below to see some photos from the press conference announcement and read some deets about L. Lo’s new modeling gig.

First, Ali Lohan’s new face, and now Lindsay Lohan’s?! Well, kind of. The party gal and “Mean Girl” actress has scored a new gig — as the face of fashion designer Philipp Plein’s line. LiLo was anointed the new face o’ Plein Saturday in Milan, Italy, where she appeared alongside the designer in a sleek, tight black dress. Lindsay reportedly posed and answered questions about her new job, which is posing for photo spreads and such. Hey, it might not be acting but at least she’s getting paid! And per the designer’s press release, she’s also getting a little appreciation: “Lindsay is a beautiful, highly acclaimed actress and model. We will be able to create unique images: Refined and luxurious, but also full of sensuality.” Could the gig put Lindsay back on the path of finding her career? Only time will tell. But we’re guessing LiLo’s ads will cause a stir — just like she always does.

Let’s hope that Lindsay can take time away from her bizzy making-out-with-mom schedule to put in a full day’s work for Mr. Plein. In her defense, she looks pretty good in these photos. I’m very curious to see how her collaboration with Philipp Plein works out. As you may recall, the last time Lindsay teamed up with a fashion housethe results were disastrous. I wish her luck this time tho. It’d be fantastic if she were actually able to turn her life around.

[Photo credit: X17; Source]

  • nicole

    i saw pictures of her from some fashion show, and thought she looked pretty damn good..and she looks good here too…minus that awful hair colour. i dunno i really hope this works out for her. i wouldnt mind seeing some good press about her for once.

  • @di from NYC

    Hopefully she doesn’t screw this up; she always seems to get a chance then she does something, correction, other people misunderstand her and its their fault something goes wrong.

    • JCZ

      Eh, i’d prefer to see her fail again. Cause she still hasn’t learnt her lesson IMO.
      I’d love for her to just fade away..

  • cinner

    what in the hell happened to her teeth?

    • JCZ


  • Janaegal

    @cinner… It’s called lots of drugs and zero dental insurance.

  • Brittny Doll

    She did fabulous when she was with MUIMUI. I think she’ll rock this one. I say she should stick to modeling gigs for a good while and slowly grace herself up to acting.

  • Alana

    The third picture scares me. She used to be so pretty, and now she looks like Gollum when she smiles.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She does look really good but who the hell would hire her as the spokeswoman? Yes, they are getting press now but no one is going to buy that shit because of LLO is the face of the line.

  • Ashley

    I used to be such a fan of lindsay. It’s sad to watch what she has done to herself… imo she has ruined her chance of being that respected person in hollywood, and is just set up to fail each time. :( she could have been so much more…

  • ihearteric

    @Ashley riite! I used to live her, hell I ever bought JUST MY LUCK! but then she just fell apart it’s sad and unfortunate and a huge waste of talent. & BTW I hate her blond!