‘Future’ Footwear


Yesterday was a really bizzy but REALLY fun day. Last night was the annual Out on the Mountain private party for GLBT folks and their friends at Six Flags Magic Mountain so David and I made SURE that were available to attend. But, before we met up with our friends Darion and Sebastian for the night’s festivities, I was greeted by the UPS man with a delivery from Hill Valley, CA … from the year 2015! Yeah, remember those Back to the Future II special edition Nike Air Mag sneakers that were teased a few weeks ago? Yep, I managed to snag me a pair … which I may likely NEVER wear, like, ever.

Sigh. Yes, I was one of the lucky folks who scored a pair of the 1,500 pairs of these shoes that were sold at auction. I won’t say how much I paid but I will say that I did pay TOO much for a pair of shoes … but I am comforted by the fact that 100% of the proceeds will go to the charitable Michael J. Fox Foundation. I gotta tell you … these shoes look AMAZING in real life. Ugh. I just love them. And who knows, I *may* wear them … someday … but at this point, I’ve yet to even touch with with my bare hands so …. yeah :)

Six Flags was so fun last night. We got a bit of a late start so we didn’t get there as early as we hoped but we did have enough time to ride some sweet rides …

including X2, the new Green Lantern ride and the AMAZING Superman ride:

We had a blast with Darion and Sebastian, of course:

Such a fun night. We may only get to Six Flags Magic Mountain once a year … but it’s worth the trek each time.

Tonight, David and I have been invited to a fun engagement party for our friends Tamar and Rob so we are really looking forward to that. Happy Saturday, Happy Weekend, y’all!!

  • Glen CoCo

    I cannot believe you got those shoes….
    Are you gonna display in the new place??

  • Emmy

    Ohmygod! Congrats on the shoes! They look amazing!!

  • Balito

    OMG… looks like so much fun!!! Darion looks extra large in that photo with his leg up… only god knows what else… HA HA HA…. why all of you are doing a Kamme Hamme Ha! in that last pic???? Thats so Dragon Ball… LOL :P

    • @Balito — It was Aquaman’s idea. I dunno, I think he was trying to impress us because all we really wanted was a photo with Wonder Woman ;D

  • Jill

    I thought of you Trent when I first heard about those shoes being released!

  • Kells

    Trent, you can NEVER spend too much on a pair of shoes… it’s just not possible. :-)

    looks like you had a lot of fun @ 6 flags!! woohoo!

  • X-2 is the best/scariest coaster I’ve ever been on.

    • @David — I know!! I love it ;D