Watch: Beyoncé Reveals That She Is The ‘Happiest [She’s] Ever Been’


Beyoncé sat down to talk with E! News about being all pregs and shizz and you could NOT wipe the happy smile off of her face. As you will see below, Bey was beaming from ear to ear about how happy her pregnancy has made her and it really just makes her look even more beautiful than she normally looks. Apparently, Beyoncé was doing promo for her new fragrance Pulse but, yeah, she really couldn’t stop talking about being a happy pregs woman ;) Check out video of her interview below.

Forget pregnancy glow. Beyoncé is simply beaming. “I’m very excited!” the mom-to-be told E! News during an exclusive interview on Thursday while at Macy’s in New York City to promote her new fragrance Pulse. “I’m probably the happiest I’ve ever been.” In fact, the expectant singer, who said she constantly makes an effort to encourage women to “have their own goals and always know their worth,” feels “empowered” by the experience. “It is the most incredible gift anyone can have and I’m so happy I’m a woman,” Beyoncé said. “Men, I feel bad, they don’t get to experience this. It’s incredible.” However, while the Grammy winner seems to have comfortably made the transition into pending motherhood, there’s one common practice she hasn’t done yet—headphones on the belly. “I think my baby has heard a lot of music,” she pointed out with a laugh. “I’ve been performing the whole time and dancing and singing and in the studio, so I think my baby has heard lots and lots of very loud music.” And much like now, Beyoncé doesn’t plan on slowing down, even after the arrival of her and Jay-Z’s little one. “I know my mother worked really hard and she definitely didn’t stop,” she said. “My mother was a great example of how it’s possible to own your own salon and be a great wife and spend family time and make the lunches and make the costumes and all of those things. So, that was my example, and I’m hoping to just keep it moving and bring my baby with me.”

It sounds like being pregnant has really changed Beyoncé‘s life. I mean, being pregs changes every woman’s life but I bet B did not expect to love being pregnant as much as she does. She truly looks elated. It’s so wonderful to see her looking so well. Beyoncé is going to make a great mom … and I cannot wait to meet her baby. I know she’s still many months away from birthin’ that baby but … it’ll be here soon enough.


  • Hannah

    Just give it a few months and she’ll change her tune about loving pregnancy ;)

    • @Hannah — LOL. That thought occurred to me, too … but let her be happy now ;)

    • Zanne

      Aww, that’s mean! Pregnancy definitely has its ups and downs but it’s an amazing experience with an amazing reward at the end! :)

  • nicole

    im just hoping that after she has the baby, she learns to slow down instead of always being on the go

    • Jennifer

      ditto Nicole…

  • Katie

    As a young woman of 20 years old, I cannot express how much of a role model and how inspiring Beyonce is. It is so nice to see a woman that has as much as she has stay grounded. I wish her all the best of luck with her baby and future endeavors.

  • gayana

    Baby Harper Seven is still gona stay the baby of all Hollwood babies))))))

  • @gayana : LOL… it’s not about which baby will be “THE” baby. it’s a gift from the universe to a woman. and we need to be grateful when it’s healthy and happy. and brings joy .

    xoxo, G

  • Mariah

    She is stunning. I’m so happy for her and her husband. When is her due date? The spring?