Prince Michael Jackson Makes His First Solo Public Appearance


Prince Michael Joseph Jackson, the first born child of the late Michael Jackson, made his first solo in-person appearance in Berlin, Germany today to represent his family at the Tribute to Bambi 2011 event. As you can see in the photo below, Prince was all decked out in a black and red outfit which looked exactly like one of his father’s famous outfits. Check him out below.

His father was noted for the sharp suit and armband combo he started wearing during his smooth criminal years. And it seems the look was still inspiring his son as he made a solo public appearance in Berlin, Germany today. The 14-year-old donned a black suit and red armband as he appeared at the Tribute to Bambi 2011 event. The fact he wore a black tie and red shirt was also noteworthy, as it was one of the legendary singer’s favourite fashion pairings.
Prince appeared happy and relaxed as he posed at the show, which was raising money for the disadvantaged children’s charity. His Thriller star father was used to being in the public eye as a teenager in the Jackson Five. And his eldest son seems to be taking his fame in his stride too, as he reveled in the atmosphere. His appearance at the event coincided with the announcement of his first ever high-profile public engagement. He will star be starring at an auction on November 10 in aid of the Tribute to Bambi foundation, where his father’s handwritten composition of Bad will be up for sale. A spokesman for the event said: ‘Prince Michael Jackson will walk the red carpet and present the manuscript on stage surrounded by children. A source close to the event told People: ‘He won’t be traveling alone, but no family members will be with him.’ In the past he has always made public appearances under the watchful eyes of his relatives, often with his sister Paris, 13, and his brother 10-year-old brother Blanket.

Crazy. Prince was just a baby just a short time ago … then a wee little toddler … now he’s practically a man. It looks like the Jackson family is really interested in having MJ’s children in the spotlight. My guess is that things will start out like this, a charity event here and there then … more. I just hope these kids are happy. It’s horrible that they lost their father at such a young age. I just hope they are ready for everything that comes with life in the public eye.

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  • shannon

    They’re getting old enough now that they can decide if they want to participate in these sorts of events. As long as none of the kids are forced to make appearances I don’t have a problems.

    • krissy

      They might be old enough to decide to participate, but I don’t think they can understand what it truly means to lose anonymity and privacy. It is one of those things even most adults don’t understand until they are knee deep in it.

      There was a reason Michael kept them out of the spotlight.
      I don’t trust MJ’s family to put the children’s needs first.

  • Kristi

    Does anyone else think this kid looks like a young Corey Feldman? That’s the first person I thought of when I saw this picture!

    • nicole

      yes! i couldnt think of Coreys name…but its excatly who the picture reminded me of.

    • norcor

      Ahhh, he does! I totally see the resemblance.

    • eye roll

      The hair is the only similarity.

      His face looks a light skinned version of Michael Jackson circa 1977. Google if you want to see.

    • his face doesn’t look a thing like Michael Jackson. Please stop trying to push the ridiculous idea that these are his biological children. The public isn’t that stupid, and if they were, they would look half black. They are lovely children but the are not his biologically, obviously.

    • Ashley

      I do see a resemblance, but google a picture of Michael’s grandfather Samuel. The resemblance to Prince is uncanny.

      Prince has the same skin condition as Michael, so that’s enough of a case closed to the issue for me.

    • Missy

      I see the Corey resemblance, but also a young Davy Jones.

    • Holly

      Oh my yes! Young Davey Jones for sure!!!

    • katie

      Yes and it creeps me out so much!

      I try never to bash on celebrity children because they don’t really ask for attention…but…can someone not get this boy a better hair cut?

    • lola

      Yes, my thoughts immediately upon seeing Prince M’s photo.

  • Emma

    I just hope they don’t exploit them. Especially as MJ fought so hard to keep their identity so well protected. They seem to be doing the opposite of what MJ did.

  • Tiffany

    Some one that has access to loads of money shouldn’t be rocking a mullet. None of MJ’s children even look like him.

  • Lis

    I don’t think Michael wanted his kids out in the public like this. Greedy family for sure.

  • Betty

    OK. Forgive my saying so. Do we all remember that Michael was originally afican american? how did he produce full white kids? wondering…

    • rossy

      He suffered from vitiligo. That’s where the pigmentation of a person’s skin dies & leaves patches of discolored skin – dark-colored people literally turn white & light-skinned people develop lighter patches than they were born with. It happens to less than 1% of the population worldwide.

      In other words: “Vitiligo is a disorder characterized by patchy loss of skin pigmentation due to immune attacks on melanocytes. While there is no significant proof or evidence for this, many doctors believe that it can be caused by defects in many genes. Variations in genes that are part of the immune system or part of melanocytes have both been associated with vitiligo. The immune system genes are associated with other autoimmune disorders.”

      I suggest you do some research on the condition… It’s not life-threatening, but it is LIFE ALTERING for those who have it, as they are mocked & (in MJ’s case) accused of bleacing their skin to ‘become’ white.

    • gayana

      ummmmmmmmmmm the desease does not change the DNA…….. and by his DNA MJ is BLACK with a huuuge nose! it’s not even his kid.

    • mandy

      Before you try to sound like a smartass, brush up on basic biology first? Lololol. Fail.

    • Ashley

      Thank you.

      And to those who posted ignorant replies, no, vitiligo does not change your DNA. Paris and Prince are fairer skinned, Blanket is rather dark skinned. Prince has the same rare skin condition as his dad, so…the end.

  • rossy

    Sorry – meant to say bleaching rather than bleacing. Don’t know where the ‘h’ went. lol

  • that is not MJ’S son…zero resemblance iam sure the truth will come out one day…by the way a mullet!!!!!!! WTF.

  • Come on people, are you guys serious. This is not MJ’s biological kid, he doesn’t look like him, and has not talent for dancing and music. Lets give it a rest already

  • Ashley

    Why do you people have to say that’s not his son? Even if he’s not biologically Michael’s, he is, in every way that counts, Michael Jackson’s son. He’ll never call another man “Dad.”

    And Prince does have the same rare skin condition that his dad had. So I think that right there is enough. If it’s not, well, then google a picture of Michael’s grandfather Samuel. Looks very much like Jr. here.

  • Kate

    Not generally a mullet fan, but I have to say… he is rockin’ that mullet. Go Prince Michael!

  • scsu01

    Its a real shame people are still throwing abround whether or not this is MJ’s bio kid. So what if he doesnt “look black” because his skin isnt super dark. He does have a blonde haired blue eyed white mother. He and his sister are the same color as me and Im bi-racial. Blanket is actually darker than me which makes me think his bio mom isnt white.

    Plus, if somehow, MJ didnt have bio kids, why does one of his kids have the same skin condition he did? Like he would really wish that on anybody?

    Prince is a good mix of Micahe and Debbie, and looks like other Jacksons in the family. The fact is, hes still growing, and he could look different in a few years.

    And it doesnt matter, bio or not, that was his father, who spent the last 12 yrs of his life raising his kids

  • heather

    Who cares whether or not MJ’s kids are his biological kids? It’s still genetically possible — “half-black” doesn’t mean you are medium-skin-toned. That’s the most common result, but not the only one… there was a famous case not long ago of a set of twins with caucasian and african parentage, one twin was blond and white and the other was quite dark with curly black hair!

    But even if that’s not what’s happened here, so what? MJ was still the only father these kids ever knew. I expect all parents of adopted or surrogate children would not be impressed with the whole “THEY’RE NOT HIS CHILDREN” line.

    Just looking at celebrities, we have Brangelina’s adopted kids, Elton John’s son, NPH’s twins (who I believe were surrogate?), Matt Broderick and whatsername’s surrogate twins, Sandra Bullock’s adopted son… Trent is very clear with calling them their children — as he should — even if and when there is no biological connection.

    The only difference here is that MJ’s people have always made the claim that they are biological, which may or may not be true. But what difference does that really make to the kids??

    • Ashley

      People act as if its the kids fault they don’t have darker skin. The kids know who they are. They say they are biracial (via Twitter) and people call them liars. I’m sure those kids know themselves better than a bunch of outsiders.

      Whatever the case is, Michael Jackson was their father. Biology may make one a genetic contributor, but it does not make one a parent. Michael Jackson was the father in every way that counts, and, I believe, biologically. But blood isn’t everything.

  • Katie

    Prince looks alot like his great grandfather and has his father’s eyes. He is growing and will likely resemble his dad more as he matures. Blanket looks like MJ as a child. My sons did not look at all like their dad until the age of 18 then really began to favor him. Prince walks and has the same body language as his father. These are Mj’s children, biological and otherwise. I am sure Prince recognises that now more than ever showing the world who he is is the best way to defend his dad. As Sharpton said ” didn’t no wacko raise those kids”. Prince is showing the world the “living proof “and he is manning up as a leader in his father’s stead.

  • Asha

    I see Jay Leno and don’t think they are MJ”s biological kids. And hate children who just live off their parent (Sean Lennon, and all the Presley family as an example)

  • celine

    That fat white Jewish boy belongs to Arnold Klein. And for those idiots who say he has vitiligo, how stupid can you be? He obviously has reverse sun spots, and that is why he has white patches. These are caused by too much sun at a young age. The skin can no longer tan. This is not vitligo.

    • @celine — Um, sorry but … no.

  • Gabrielle

    I can’t understand how someone can believe this boy is a biological child of Michael Jackson! Michael Jackson didn’t like be black, that’s why he got white children, DNA is not involved here