Watch: Sarah Michelle Gellar’s Final Appearance On ‘All My Children’


Last week we out first look at Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of All My Children and today we get to see the final scenes she filmed for the soon-to-be defunct daytime drama. SMG found fame early on in her career as Kendall Hart Lang but hasn’t played the role in years. Today, she returned to AMC in the role of a crazy girl who believes that she is Erica Kane’s daughter … who sees vampires. It’s kinda genius. Check out the scenes below.

I mean … BRILLIANT. It’s clever enough that SMG is playing the part of a woman who believes she is the character she used to play but to throw in the vampires thing? I smell an Emmy Award! Peace the Spork Out, All My Children … but thanks for the one last bit of awesome SMGness before the end ;)


  • Chris

    “I saw them…before they were trendy” ain’t that the truth!!!
    Luvs it! Very clever.

    • Martha May

      Her delivery on that line was PERFECT! She should get the Emmy just for that.

  • Nech

    I loved her appearance today! The vampire reference was brilliant!!

  • kendra

    So much better than I expected! She was awesome! And the writing was just so clever! Good stuff..

  • William

    Please tell me you guys are being sarcastic?

  • el rizzo

    LOVE IT!!!

  • Meagan

    Hahaha! This is the greatest!!

  • Nice! What a great line, that’s classic.
    But the show’s not defunct (yet)… still airing today and final episode tomorrow.

  • rossy

    I’m sure I read somewhere that producers of the remaining soaps (including AMC) are trying to ‘stay relevant with the changing times’ by leaving TV behind & taking the soaps to the internet, like YouTube or somewhere similar. What are they called – webisodes?

    Anyway, I for one, won’t miss them when they’re finally gone. That may sound harsh, especially from a former fan of the genre but when I saw how my favorite character (& the actor playing him) were treated on-&-off camera, I became disgusted with the whole show & stopped watching until it was soon canceled. Besides, there really are so MANY better options out there – shows really worth watching.

  • Ellen

    Oscar oscar!!!

    • rossy

      I hope you mean ‘Emmy Emmy!’ because the Academy Awards aren’t for TV.

  • Nancy Welch

    I thought Eva La Rue was GREAT also, along with Adam and Stuart. I will miss the show. I have been watching since my college years. I have to tell you,in the last few days,it has brought tears to my eyes!

  • Buffy, what happened to you?