Watch: Pepsi Pays Homage To Music Icons In Their New Commercial


The X Factor has signed Pepsi as one of its major sponsors and will debut a new commercial that pays homage to Music Icons that have featured in previous Pepsi commercials. Starting with Michael Jackson, the commercial shows snippets from Pepsi commercials that featured Ray Charles, Britney Spears, Kanye West and Mariah Carey … the commercial asks, Who’s Next? … implying that the next music icon may come from The X Factor. It’s a great clip, check it out below.

Pepsi will unveil a new television spot titled, “Music Icons” tonight during the debut of FOX’s THE X FACTOR. The television spot celebrates Pepsi’s rich music history, featuring global icons Michael Jackson, Britney Spears, Kanye West, Ray Charles and Mariah Carey. “Music Icons” captures the essence of Pepsi and THE X FACTOR’s search for the next pop music star. The new spot features the slogan, “Where there’s Pepsi, there’s music” and invites THE X FACTOR fans to re-live iconic Pepsi moments such as Michael Jackson introducing the new “Pepsi Generation,” Britney Spears dancing on the rooftops to “The Joy of Pepsi” and Ray Charles playing the piano to the tune of “You Got the Right One, Baby, Uh Huh.” “Pepsi has always been at the center of music and pop culture and is known for featuring top talent in its campaigns,” said Frank Cooper, Chief Marketing Officer, Global Consumer Engagement of PepsiCo Beverages. “We’re confident that the next pop music star will emerge from our partnership with THE X FACTOR.” The “Music Icons” spot features a Pepsi-exclusive remix of the song, “Tonight is the Night” by Outasight, a newly signed artist to Warner Bros. Records from Yonkers, New York. Surrounded by diverse music at a young age, Outasight grew up watching iconic Pepsi commercials and aspired to be like the musical legends featured in the ads. Now his unique sound will be a part of Pepsi and pop culture history. “We chose the song ‘Tonight is the Night’ because it perfectly captures the spirit of music today,” said Simon Lowden, Chief Marketing Officer, PepsiCo Beverages Company. “This spot is about re-igniting the timeless connection between Pepsi and iconic pop music and also about celebrating our partnership with THE X FACTOR. Now we’re more excited than ever to ask the question: who’s next?” he continued.

First off … how amazing does Britney look in this commercial. Sigh. I love all of her Pepsi commercials, so I’m glad to see that one of them will be back on TV again. Secondly, Pepsi is very smart to remind us of the kickass commercials they have made over the years. Paring up with with The X Factor is also very smart, especially considering that Coca Cola works with American Idol. It looks like we may enter a new era of the soda wars.


  • Oh man, the Britney commercial brings back so many memories. When it was first launched – people WENT nuts. It was so good. I remember rushing to Napster (aged!) and downloaded the track (which was really a recording of the commercial) and put it on a CD. I loved that commercial so.

    And the Ray Charles Pepsi ads are the catchiest ads to come from their ad campaigns. Seriously – YouTube ’em. *sings* Diet Pepsi – uh huh – you’ve got the right one, baby. Uh huh – Diet Pepsi! *sings*

    • laura

      HAHA yes!! me too! i loved it for the actual song too.i usd to replay the one where she goes through different eras. BEST.

    • JC

      OMG! I did the same thing with Britney’s commercials!! I recorded them on CDs haha!

    • Snuffy

      Was that the ad that MJ’s hair got set on fire during the shooting?

      This just reminded me of the most bad-ass joke from elementary school:
      Did you hear Ray Charles lost his left leg?!
      But he’s still got the right one baby, uh huh!

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Britney’s Pepsi commercials were the best thing ever and I didn’t know Yeezy did one too cool

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Not only were those all great commericals but this really peaks my interest in X Factor!! Well done.

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal

      Peeks not Peaks

    • Alexa

      *pique. :)
      From the WSU Common Errors in English Usage site: A peak is a summit, a peek is a glimpse, and pique is stimulating curiosity.

    • Mr. Gyllenhaal

      LOL!! Thanks Alexa!! You never would have thought that I was a communication major in College!! I usually do use proper grammer in more professional settings!!

  • nicole

    i had no idea kanye did a pepsi commercial.
    i liked move.

  • Greg

    Where’s Madonna’s Like A Prayer clip?
    If they really wanted people talking, they should have resurrected that. It may have been controversial in 1989, but that’s old news now. It would have been a fun and unexpected inclusion. A missed opportunity, I think.

    • @Greg — The Madonna commercial aired only once. It was a huge embarrassment for Pepsi. I doubt they will ever even mention that commercial again.

    • laura

      how come it was an embarassment

    • @laura — Pepsi paid Madonna $1 million for an ad campaign that was meant to span a year AND sponsor her Blonde Ambition Tour. They used the song, Like a Prayer in the commercial. When Madonna released the music video for Like a Prayer and caused all the controversy with the burning crosses, etc., Pepsi got caught in the middle of the uproar. Pepsi caved to pressure from the threat of a boycott and they aired Madonna’s commercial only one time and then never again. They let Madonna keep the million but pulled out of all association with her from that point forward.

  • Panti Christ

    I have always loved that little hands-together-head-tilt move Britt did at the end :)

  • norcor

    ugh i love britney’s pepsi commercials. i also had a CD with the ‘my heart won’t skip a beat…” jingle. i also really enjoyed the one she did with beyonce, pink and enrique– surprised that didn’t make the cut!

  • chris

    What no Madonna’s LOL!

  • Winona

    I didn’t even know Mariah Carey ever shilled for Pepsi.

  • sars

    The Ray Charles Pepsi commercial is the first commercial I remember ever seeing.

  • mark

    Britney’s Pepsi commercials are the best ever!! Soo Iconic!!

  • Dezden

    Saw it watching X-Factor tonight just a bit ago…. loved it! Very crafty, Pepsi.

  • the britney commercial for pepsi was awesome.. but difficult to top Michael Jackson from long ago.

  • Eric

    I remember the spice girls commercial, I used to like it a lot

  • frank

    I love Britney’s Pepsi commercials, but didn’t she say once that she actually likes Coca Cola better? I think I remember people catching her drinking Coca Cola while she was promoting Pepsi.

  • Martin

    Duh derr I don’t know

  • Danny

    Aw.. I wish they would have posted a clip from the Spice girl one! I loved that commercial!

  • allison

    Mariah looked good!! I haven’t seen her looking like that in a while!!