Watch: ‘Till The World Ends’ By Britney Spears Gets The ‘Pop-Up Video’ Treatment


Back in May we learned the happy news that VH1 was planning the return of Pop-Up Video. Today we learn that Pop-Up Video will return to the airwaves on October 3. In addition, we get to see the FIRST newly popped video from the new series. The brilliant people at VH1 decided that our dear Britney Spears and her fab video for Till The World Ends would be released as the first newly popped video … and YOU can watch it in full below.

LOVE. IT. ENTIRELY. It will be GREAT to have Pop-Up Video back on the air. I hear they chose a great selection of new videos for the first season of the series. If this video for TTWE is any indication, the show hasn’t lost one bit of their awesome pop culture magic. Is this not amazing?


  • nicole

    cant watch the video for some reason.but its awesome they brought pop up video back. i use to love it.

  • iheartmycro

    i’m SO excited pop up video is back! i can’t wait! love that they kept it true to form

  • Cupcake

    LOVE pop-up video!!! & LOL that an extra farted in front of Brit, who would have known had PUV not told us that fun lil fact – SO excited :)

  • aimie

    i <3 pop up video!

  • AVDisco

    I LOVED IT. Fun facts, plus flattering and unflattering info. I feel very informed.

  • Amanda M

    bahhhhhhh why wont they make this available in canada!!!

  • Missy

    Oh my god…I’ve always loved Pop-Up Video, but that’s the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud. “Oops I Did It Again.”

  • Jennifer

    Does anyone know where I could watch this in Canada? Eh?

  • Astrid

    :( Can’t watch it where I live. God I’ve missed the Pop up videos *POPUPVIDEO!* I used to watch it every day after school!

  • matuhome

    i cant see the video, im from argentina :(


  • Nicole

    YOU ARE SO CUTE. Glad you liked it. The kids worked hard on these xoxo

    • @Nicole — Nic, EVERYONE loves this! I don’t know a single person who isn’t excited for the return of Pop-Up Video. Thank YOU all for your hard work <3

  • Jill

    I liked it, but they kind of trashed Britney didn’t they….. I can’t imagine she will enjoy it very much…