Reese Witherspoon Surfaces For The First Time Since Her Car Accident


Last week we learned the sad news that Reese Witherspoon was struck by a car driven by an 84-year old woman who failed to yield in the crosswalk while Reese was jogging. Today we get to see photos of Reese out in public for the first time since her accident … and she is sporting some pretty ouchy injuries. Altho Reese was happily laughing with a friend this week, the dark bruising on her face shows just how hurt she was in last week’s accident.

Reese Witherspoon is still bearing the scars from a run-in with a car last week — sporting a big black eye … 6 days after she was run over by an 84-year-old woman. Reese was out in L.A. yesterday, smiling on her way to a birthday party — despite the big band-aid on her forehead. A different photo that we quickly learned had been taken BEFORE the accident had made the rounds last week showing Reese looking fine … but the fact is, that photo was taken before Reese was hit by a car in Santa Monica. As TMZ previously reported, Reese was hospitalized after the accident on Wednesday, but she was soon released after doctors determined her injuries were only minor.

Dang … poor Reese. I had assumed that her injuries were relegated to her hands and/or knees. I don’t even want to know how she managed to get this much bruising on her face. She looks like she got punched … by a car :( Again, I say, Reese is a good sport for not taking action against the woman who drove into her. Here’s hoping her injuries will heal … soon.

[Photo credit: Wireimage; Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Damn, seriously, I never even thought about her face. That looks pretty hard core. She is a saint for not going after that woman.

  • Ama

    She may have hit her eye/forehead on something when she fell after being hit by the car but ouch. It is good to see her smiling.

  • megan

    I just expected the legs and arms as well. I never anticipated her face…. I do agree she’s awesome for not going after the woman, tho I’m sure that poor old lady felt absolutely horrible!

  • Zanne

    Yeah, she may have hit her eye/forehead on something like, oh, I don’t know, the car windshield and/or the hood? ;) My husband used to bike a lot in college and he got hit by a car and ended up on the hood so it does happen. It is nice to see Reece smiling though. How scary for her and her family.

    • Thanks for saying what I was thinking! My first thought was “I hope her head is okay.” If it is an SUV and you are only 5’3″ or so you are only as tall as the grill! I’m not sure if it was an SUV but I ride my bike everyday to work and my main concern is my head. :)

  • krissy

    “She looks like she got punched … by a car”

    So funny! ;)

  • Feliciao

    She’s obviously trying to be the bigger person. She must have known how awful the older woman felt after and wanted to save her some grief. Reese’s is alive and well so good for her at leaving it at that :).

  • Mariah

    There is no bruise in the world that could make Reese any less beautiful. I adore her. So glad she’s well and smiling :)

  • Nancy

    Hope she’s not pregnant.

  • Gayana

    I just don’t understand why wouldn’t she cover it up??? I mean why would u want The whole world to see u like this if u could easily cover up especially going for a party….

  • Nathan

    Why do people just assume that cars will stop just because it’s the law?