Watch: Madonna’s Love Letter To Hydrangeas


Last week a video of Madonna proclaiming her loathsome disdain for hydrangeas after a fan presented her with the flowers made it’s way around the Internets and illicited responses that spanned the gap from those who found the video humorous to those who found the video to be bitchy. Today we get to check out a new video from Madonna titled Madonna’s Love Letter to Hydrangeas that is sort of an answer vid to the one we saw last week. It is must see. Check it out in full below.

LMAOOOOO!! Perfect. Ab-so-effing-lutely PERFECT! Well played, Maddy. Well played, indeed.


  • Lisbeth Slander

    She has such a fantastic sense of humor. The fact that people got so upset, over a journalist playing a prank on her, is dumbfounding to me.

  • bosie

    Bravo Bravo Bravo!

  • Panti Christ


  • SeePeople!

    she really IS a lovely lady! pshaw to all you haters! actually this video is why i love her & why i never want to meet, or honestly, befriend her. said it before: like my celebs on the red carpet, not in the Walmart parking lot. can’t wait for all the video parodies!

  • apriljan

    Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine. She’s still cool.


  • Grace

    That was funny. Truly. Good job.

  • DeeDee

    HAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA that is the highlight of my day !!! EVEN MY MONTH !!! LMFAO !!!! xD

  • jessica

    ok, she has a right to hate whatever flower she wants. She’s just not particularly grateful that her fans got her something representing how much they like her work. sounds pretty bitchy to me.

    • ariel

      she said thank you to the guy, the rest wasn’t supposed to be heard, i mean haven’t you received a present that you didn’t like at all!!! we all had, madonna was just unlucky to be heard saying it!!

    • JCZ

      Exactly. Whether it was said behind closed doors or at the panel, she was gonna have that opinion regardless. So get over it haters!

      It is a lil embarrassing, although Madonna don’t give no damn – but she didn’t like them. She said thankyou. No point in faking it any further, but she didn’t do it intentionally.

      Either way, this video is genius! Absolute LOL!

      Some are saying it was set up, not on Madonna’s part but the journa who gave them to her knew she hated them or something. Eh?!



  • Lala

    It’s been 9 years since the horraneous “Swept Away” and it’s obvious her acting hasn’t improved in the least during that time.

  • J@V@JuNKo

    LOL awesome! oh I wish she would do more fun stuff like this to give it to the haters…

  • aubrey

    LOL. Well, she does have the right to hate some things. :D

  • Xadax

    Lady Gaga = Hydrangeas. I HATE Hydrangeas.