Jason Momoa Goes Paddleboarding In Hawaii


Conan the Barbarian star Jason Momoa made his way back to his native hometown in Hawaii this weekend and was spotted doing a bit of paddleboarding in the ocean. Paddleboarding requires a specially designed longboard, a paddle … and not much clothing … which is why it can be a pretty cool sport to watch … especially when a beefy hot dude like Jason is boarding. Wanna see? Check out a couple photos below.

For his leading role in Conan The Barbarian, Jason Momoa had to beef up and pile on 20lbs of lean muscle before constantly flaunting his warrior-like physique for the camera. And there was no chance that the 32-year-old actor would allow all that work to go to waste once filming on the set had wrapped. He showed that his six pack is as strong as ever while paddleboarding on the beach this weekend. The actor was in his hometown of Hawaii, where he was born and first pursued a modelling career before turning his hand to acting. And as well as flaunting his body, Momoa showed off his athletic skills as he hopped onto the surfboard and flexed his muscles while using an oar to steer himself through the sea. Once he had come ashore, the 6 ft star effortlessly swung the board over his shoulder as if it weighed nothing, and carried it across the beach. He was wearing a pair of red and black striped swimming trunks and his famous long locks were wet from the sea.

HMMM … to be honest, I never considered paddleboarding to be much of a spectator sport … until now. Jason makes the act of paddleboarding look so alluring, don’t he? I’m a fan, are you?

[Photo credit: Splash News; Source]

  • Be a little inappropriate

    Unf Khal Drogo can make anything hot.

    • Marcus_Em

      o yes he can! I would be his khalessi ANY TIME! we could paddle board or ride horses and tie bells in our hair lol watever he prefers ;-)

  • nicole

    one word – perfection.

  • Katie

    I never thought I would wish I could be a paddleboard…lol!

  • Sara

    Holy cow. My jaw dropped. lol

  • Tricia

    I find myself wondering how his shorts stay up when they are so tantalizingly close… to… slipping…. off (Curse you, little drawstring, break!)

    • Tracy

      Tricia….okay..that was pretty funny. You made me seriously LOL!

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    YUMMY times infinite!!! HOLY COW!!!

  • Tracy

    OMG…my heart stopped for a half second. GOD I love this man.

  • Tracy

    Oh and Trent…Jason is NOT 6’0 in recent interviews he has said he is 6’5. Yeah Baby!

  • JCZ

    Oh I gotta say.. Jennifer Anniston made it interesting for me those years back.

  • Natalie

    Lisa Bonet is such a lucky woman..

  • Jamie

    I’m in the process of Re-watching Stargate Atlantis at the mo and he is sooo sooo tasty.