Are Jennifer Lopez & Bradley Cooper Coupling Up?


Back in July we learned the somewhat shocking news that Jennifer Lopez and hubby Marc Anthony decided to call it quits but it LOOKS like J. Lo is ready to move on with a new man already. J. Lo got tongues wagging in NYC this weekend when she was spotted on what looked to be a romantic dinner with actor Bradley Cooper. While some folks are saying the couple were discussing business together on their one-on-one dinner date, others are suggesting that maybe this is the start of the latest Hollywood romance. Earlier this year, Jen and Brad were spotted looking real cozy together in the front row at NY Fashion Week last Spring … is it possible they decided to make things romantic as the Fall edition of NY Fashion Week gets underway? HMMMM.

Bradley Cooper just can’t stop the rumor mill. After keeping close company with Olivia Wilde in May and then receiving an honor from Charlize Theron last week, The Hangover star is generating the most talk because of his dinner companion this weekend. She was no other than the recently available Jennifer Lopez. Although the Internet lit up with reports of a budding romance between Cooper, 37, and Lopez, 42, a source tells PEOPLE that the dinner Saturday at the New York restaurant Per Se was all business. The pair, according to the source, are “in discussions regarding a project.”

HMMMM, indeed. Now, it’s entirely possible that Jen and Bradley were just talking biz but … I suppose it’s also possible that these two might be creepin’. They would make a very hot couple and, no offense to Marc Anthony but, Bradley makes a much more suitable companion for someone has hawt as La Divina Latina. I’m not quite ready to consider these two an official couple but … well … I’ll be keepin’ my eye on them should they decide to creep again ;) What do y’all think? Is this a love connection or merely a smokescreen?

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I think she full on banged him or is banging him. She is getting a divorce and he is HOT so why the HELL NOT?? Good for her. I don’t believe they aren’t friends with benefits!!

  • apriljan

    Wait.. WHAT?! Why.

  • Dot

    Yes! Go get him girl!

  • Kattmow

    I think she just loves getting married/engaged..

  • nicole

    i dunno could be nothing,i mean this girl is going to be connected to any guy shes seen out with for the next little while.
    buuuuuut i wouldnt blame her.

  • Panti Christ


  • Dennis

    Let me be the first to coin the title “Looper” ;D

  • helen

    Brad, please don’t.

  • thinkaboutit

    can our world handle another ‘Brad and Jen?’

  • megan

    Well we are due for a new Brad and Jen, the others have been out of commission for a while now. Brad is HOT and has been connected to quite a few women, it’s time he got tied down for a bit. Tho, I can think of better choices than JLo

  • aimie

    can you say…. UPGRADE!!!!!

  • Cee

    If they are dating, I will eat my hat!

    • momo