The 84-Year Old Driver Who Crashed Into Reese Witherspoon Got Busted


Yesterday we learned that actress Reese Witherspoon was struck by an 84-year old driver who failed to yield in the pedestrian crosswalk and today we learn that that driver is now in a bit of trouble. Not only was the unnamed female driver fined by police for the accident but she is also being ordered to be tested by the Department of Motor Vehicles to determine if she is even allowed to drive anymore. Reese has decided NOT to press charges against the driver … despite the fact that her blood was spilled on the street! I guess she’s just thankful that she wasn’t injured too severely.

The 84-year old woman ticketed for hitting Reese Witherspoon in a crosswalk just got slapped with another stiff penalty — she’s been ordered to the DMV to retake her driver’s test. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … Santa Monica police have asked the DMV to haul in the elderly driver for a full re-examination within the next 30 days. In addition to the driver’s test — we’re told she will have to take an eye exam, and provide a list of medications she’s taking. The woman was already cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian in a crosswalk …

I mean … this is good news. If any driver cannot prove that they can see sufficiently enough to NOT drive your car into a pedestrian then they should not be allowed to have a driver’s license. Reese is really awesome for not suing … cuz I deffo would, I think. Let’s just hope this driver gets the help she needs before she accidentally hurts herself or anyone else :/

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  • needtostudy

    why would she sue? she is a millionaire. it would be ridic if she sued. not pressing charges is what she should be commended for.

    • @needtostudy — I dunno, I disagree. Why should a victim have to pay for injuries caused by someone else’s criminal negligence? Who cares how much money a person has, they should expect NOT to be hit by cars when they are walking or jogging in public.

    • Katie

      I’m sure her insurance will pay for the injuries & the insurance company will collect from the woman or her insurance carrier. That is how it usually works.

    • @Katie — And who pays the insurance premiums when they go up due to accidents/surgeries/etc?

    • Katie

      Well, I was talking about the liability part of the woman’s auto insurance (assuming she has some) & that is the point of having it. If you cause an accident it protects you from getting sued outright. Most of the time the company of the person that causes the accident will reimburse the innocent party’s insurance. Every state is different as far as the laws go but it is pretty common. As far as the premium goes who knows if the woman’s would go up or not because there are way too many variables. depends on the company and the person’s driving history. I don’t actually sell insurance. But if I hit somebody with my car I would expect it to go up, lol!

  • Glen CoCo

    You’re a virgin, who can’t drive

    • @Glen CoCo — LOL!!!!

    • apriljan

      You go Glen CoCo!

  • Hannah

    I wouldn’t sue. It’s good that the driver is retaking the test, but we all make mistakes and have accidents.

  • I wouldn’t sue. And I think, because it sounds like this woman is already going to have to go through a lot as it is in consequence of her actions, I wouldn’t press charges either. Very commendable of Reese Witherspoon.

  • kwow

    Reese is just classy like that. the blood image is really creeping me out.
    PS: You go, clen co co!

  • Stephen

    CSI : Golden Girls

    • Grace

      That. Is. Awesome.
      Well-played, sir!

  • Luv Ya

    Oh come on! Reese got a quarter size abrasion on her check. There was a tree obscuring the cross walk and the driver was driving 20 miles an hour. Even if you have the right of way, a pedestrian should LOOK to see if anyone is coming. Stepping out in front a car is just wrong headed. Poor old lady. She would have to hit Reese Witherspoon.

  • aimie


  • Rachael

    The woman is already getting fined and re-tested which will probably result in her getting her license taken away. That seems completely appropriate to me given that Reese’s injuries were not serious. For a multi-millionaire to sue some random 84 year old lady, that would be pretty awful. I mean I suppose if it’s an 84 year old RICH lady I wouldn’t feel so bad. :-P But somehow I keep picturing some poor old woman living on social security or something, heh.

    So, take her off the street, YES, definitely. But to SUE her, really?? Overkill.

    • @Rachael — I never said Reese was suing her, in fact, I made it clear that Reese is not suing her. I said I would sue, and since I’m not a millionaire, that’s ok … right?

    • Rachael

      LOL Trent I know. I’m just saying that IF Reese were to sue that would be really mean hahaha. If YOU were to sue her then … I have to admit I’d probably still feel a little sorry for her since she’s a little old lady … but if she turns out to be a rich old bitch then I’d be fine with it. ;-)