And The Alums Returning For ‘Survivor: South Pacific’ Are . . .


A couple of weeks ago we got our first look at the new cast of Survivor: South Pacific and we learned that two former Survivor contestants would also be competing for the big prize as well. Today, the CBS website for Survivor has been updated with contestant bios for all of the players … including the returning alums. Click below to find out which Survivors will be returning for another go at the prize. Curious? Take a look.

Well, at least they didn’t let Russell Hantz come back for another go … I really cannot stand the sight of him (tho, his nephew Brandon Hantz made the cut). I’m pretty sure that Benjamin Coach Wade will bring enough annoyance to make this new season entertaining. I’m glad that Oscar Ozzy Lusth is back … he almost went all the way the last time he was on the show. I am really amped for a new season of Survivor, I’m not gonna lie. I hope this season is a good one … I cannot wait.


  • megan

    They have been on the commercials for a week or two

  • megan

    I love Ozzy tho, he’s been my fav Survivor since he was first shown

  • Lulu

    Love Love Ozzy! I’m FB friends with one of the cast members so I think I’ll be watching this season :)

  • Stephen

    Pretty sure Ozzy did porn for the Playboy Channel.

  • Nancy

    What’s with the hair on these two? Yikes!

  • Eliza

    Their hair is out of control! haha. I really couldn’t stand coach, and I’m sure he’ll drive me crazy again this time. But I can’t resist watching!