Listen: Britney Spears Sings ‘Baby’ & ‘Crazy’ A LOT!


I posted a link to this a few days ago but I’m so obsessed with its oddity that I have to share it here on the blog more prominently. Some industrious person decided to piece together every instance that Britney Spears sings or speaks the words Baby or Crazy in her music catalog. What we get is a 5+ minute video that is … interesting to listen to. Got a few minutes? Click below and marvel at just how many times Britney sings/says the words Baby and Crazy in her songs.

Trippy, right? It’s kinda hard to listen to the whole way thru (even for me) but I have become strangely obsessed with it. Do you love it? Or …


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  • ausettofegypt

    LOL Trent, i also listened to this link, its so funny. Or I say it is Crazy Baby???

  • Chivonne Meyers

    Whoa, this is kinda amazingly weird?

  • ariel

    now you are getting scary with this britney obsession!!! you already posted it once!!! and it only proves britney needs to pay attention to her music specially her writters!!

    • @ariel — Technically, I only linked it before … this is the first post :)

  • roxster

    I can’t believe someone actually took the time to do this. . . I guess next up is Kesha and the word glitter?

  • Jesse

    I think next should be Christina’s use of the sound ‘Oooh’

    • Britney’sBitch

      People would go crazy listening to that. I know my head would explode lol

  • LOL! ….. so inventive!

  • megan

    I really really wasn’t going to listen to it, and then you posted it again….I still wasn’t going to but then….the urge was just too strong. WHO DOES THAT?

    • JC

      Britney does that

  • aimie

    i cannot believe… i. just. watched. that. whole. thing. lol thanks, trent! (that is very very weird and holy crap the time that guy/girl spent… talk about time suckage!!!)

  • nicole

    anyone who can listen to that whole video gets a damn high five from me lol

  • LMAO that is SO funny because I noticed this a long time ago & thought I was crazy obsessed hahaha

  • JC

    Trent have you sean the “interbiew” La Coacha has with Britney? She asks her “who is this baby you’re talking about?” LMAO it’s too funny!! Check it out

  • It’s actually kind of adorably weird… Made me break out my whole library of her songs and now I’m gonna go through it all tonight.

  • Mike

    I am an extremely busy person, but I did listen to the whole thing…what Britney does to me…

  • JCZ

    I think next, someone should create a video of everytime Britney does her iconic Praying hands gesture in her film clips and performances. Heck she’s even done it on magazine covers.

    Gotta love her!

  • Bjorn

    Trent – you should do one with Kylie Minogue and the the word ” Around”

    • @Bjorn — LOL. Yes, “around” does seem to be Kylie’s trigger word.

  • Moo

    Oh, baby! I almost just listened to that twice!

  • Nia

    I already made this piece, but with her music video career!!!! LOL! In addition to a blowjob face video as well. its all on my website.

    This shit’s already been curated. i applaud you, still!