Tonight I will be attending a book signing and film screening in Hollywood that will be hosted by BFFs and collaborators Marilyn Manson and Shia LaBeouf. Um, that’s right … MM and Shia became friends and collaborated on a new music video … the creation of which is documented in a new book and shortfilm titled Born Villain. The pair will be at Space 15 Twenty in Hollywood tonight … and so will I.

File this story under the most surprising of pairings: “Transformers” superstar Shia LaBeouf and Marilyn Manson have teamed up for Manson’s new music video, “Born Villain.” So how did these two artists come together? Well, they met at a Kills concert, where LaBeouf, a longtime Manson fan, casually approached the “Beautiful People” singer and struck up a conversation that sparked a genuine friendship. “Marilyn Manson to me is an indelible figure,” LaBeouf told MTV News, speaking exclusively about the collaboration for the first time. “He’s a big deal to me, and in my childhood, I don’t know of a scarier figure in art. He, in my teenage years, was the scariest thing in the world, so part of me has always been intrigued.” LaBeouf told Manson that he would love to direct his next video and showed him his previous work, Cage’s “Maniac” clip, as proof that he knows what he’s doing behind the camera. “I played ‘Maniac’ for [Manson], and he freaked the fuck out,” LaBeouf recalled. “Manson goes crazy. Manson’s like, ‘I want you to do my video.’ ” The two then began prep work on “Born Villain,” which draws heavily from very intense, graphic imagery, specifically a famous French surrealist short film, Shakespeare and theology. “The song has all these references to ‘Macbeth’ and all this Shakespeare and heavy theology, so we tried to make Manson’s ‘Un Chien Andalou’ macabre ‘Macbeth’ — that’s sort of what that became.” To celebrate the LaBeouf-directed video, which is much more short film than standard clip, LaBeouf and Manson will be appearing together at a one-time-only book signing and screening Thursday at Hennessey + Ingalls bookstore in Los Angeles from 8 to 10 p.m. The 18-and-up event is private and limited to 150 attendees on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to receive tickets, those who wish to attend must purchase the limited-edition “Born Villain” photo book at the Hennessey + Ingalls website, which also comes with a copy of the short film. Unsurprisingly, the imagery in the video is very graphic and very adult. Those who only know LaBeouf from his clean-cut film roles will likely be shocked by this directorial effort, but LaBeouf isn’t worried about those reactions. “This, for me, this is a really cool diversion for me when I’m not making a movie,” LaBeouf explained. “It gives me an opportunity to work with musicians I admire who I would otherwise never get to work with in any other capacity. I really have a fun time doing it. It allows me to be creative in another art form and work with heroes. “I also think there are fans of mine who aren’t fans of Manson’s and vice versa; that’s why I think our collaboration is interesting. I don’t really see it on paper,” he continued. “I don’t see fans of mine who went to see ‘Holes’ when they were 12 loving this. I don’t think my audience is the only thing I should exercise my artistic muscle for. I don’t necessarily always do things for the audience; this is one of those. “I love Marilyn,” LaBeouf said. “Manson is like a brother to me now. He’s a real sweet dude, a real close friend.”

Something about this odd pairing seems too weird not to see in person with my own eyes. I’ll be among the 150 folks at the signing tonight so … yeah … that should be fun. David’s brother Aram is driving in to stay the weekend with us tonight so we’ll have a bit of a full house … and we’re STILL not totally settled in our new place yet. Ah well, should be fun!! Happy Thursday, y’all!!

UPDATE: Here is the fairly NSFW Marilyn Manson Born Villain music video directed by Shia LaBeouf:



  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Somethings I just try not to wrap my small brain around!! On a side note will you please give Shia a kiss for me and tell him he is missing out:)

  • muchacha

    Didn’t these two just get in a fight? Was that a publicity stunt?

    • @muchacha — I believe the report was that Shia spit water toward MM. My guess is they were only playing around and the story got blown out of proportion.

  • Ama

    Well…that’s an interesting combination. Have fun :)

  • Michele

    Wow. I’m sure you will have an interesting evening! I think the song is horrible and the video is gratuitous crap. I guess that’s the only way MM can get attention. Don’t get me wrong, I love creative, outside the box, strange art, but IMHO I think this is just stupid. Have a great evening though!

  • Sarah

    I couldn’t watch the whole video. I found myself getting verrry bored!

  • Yadira

    I didn’t liked the song so much, but the video is great, very inspired by the movie the holy mountain

  • Bonanza

    Shia really should stick to acting. P.S. @Marily Manson, 1995 called and it wants it’s video back.