Madonna Surfaces At The Venice International Film Festival To Present ‘W.E.’


After all the work and all the play it looks like it is time for Madonna to shine at the 68th annual Venice International Film Festival today. As you may know, Maddy will be premiering her film W.E. at the festival today and to get the party started, she showed up to the pre-premiere events by Venetian water taxi lookin’ about as happy as can be. Click below to see some photos from Maddy’s Venice Film Fest arrival along with some video from her W.E. press conference appearance.

Madonna jokingly defended her title as “Queen of Pop” Thursday, quipping she would never give up her throne for love like King Edward VIII — the subject of her latest film screened in Venice. The blonde diva’s second directorial work, “W.E.”, starring British actors James D’Arcy and Andrea Riseborough, tells the tale of the king’s famous romance with American divorcee Wallis Simpson — and his subsequent abdication. “Would I ever give up my throne for a man or a woman?” a flirtatious Madonna said after the advance press screening at the 68th Venice Film Festival. “I think I can have both… or all three!” she told journalists. The star — looking sleek and glamorous in a black dress and high cream collar pinned with a sparkling jewel cross — had sped across the lagoon from the luxury Bauer hotel on Venice’s Grand Canal where she is staying. Madonna said she had wanted to capture the “world of luxury, beauty and decadence” of the 1930s, as well as the “rarefied air in the modern world”, which is also one of wealth and sensuality, but “does not guarantee happiness”. The controversial passion between the king and extravagant socialite Wallis is told through the eyes of a lonely modern-day New Yorker, desperately seeking the fairytale happy ending that she believes the famous couple had. The cinematography alternates between sharp images drawn out by Wallis’s striking red lipstick or startling blue eyes, and grainy, hand-held camera shots evoking the bridge linking the two dramas across history. Costume designer Arianne Phillips worked extensively with labels such as Cartier, Dior, and Dunhill to recreate Wallis’s extraordinary appetite for fashion and exquisite, enormous collection of jewels and shoes. Style icon Madonna said there were “elements of myself” in the film, and said she could sympathise with Wallis as an outsider, an American living in London. “I empathize with Wallis. Public figures or icons are often just reduced to a soundbite, just a handful of attributes. I think people tried to diminish her… I tried to make her human,” she said.

I hear the reviews for W.E. are mixed but I plan to stay away from all reviews until I can see the film for myself. To be honest, I’d love Madonna to shock the world by putting out a great film. That said, I’m not quite holding my breath just yet. Let’s see how this film does at the VFF and then the Toronto International Film Festival … those 2 fests will set the tone for the public’s (as well as the reviewers’) perception of the film. We shall see.

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  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I love me some Madonna and the woman looks good but her face is starting to get that “off” look!! It is so much better just to age naturally than try to slow father time down.

    • The makeup is falling, the makeup artist didn’t think on the humidity, and the results are that shines in the face, I didn’t see her this bad since the induction on the rock & roll hall off fame. Contrary at everybodys thinking, Madonna has done only one facelift and it was a fantastic job before the confessions era, since then just cosmetic treatments.


    She looks good but that red lipstick throws off the whole ensemble. : /

  • Dominic

    She looks fucking fantastic and I cant wait to see the movie W.E.!

  • Canada

    I have to agree with Mr. Gyllenhaal. I have always respected Madonna for being someone who stands up for who you are (a lot like Tori Amos), but when I se Madonna in this clip I’m disappointed that she looks so altered. She’s a legend, but I will always remember here for her days in Vogue and Rain…

  • love madonna.. she rules…she looks amazing.. cant wait for the movie and new music

  • RE: “…she showed up to the pre-premiere events by Venetian water taxi…” Love it! What’s old is new again. I wonder if parts of the trip were in slow-motion.