Lindsay Lohan Tattoos Billy Joel Lyrics On Her Body


Lindsay Lohan, who has apparently turned over a new positive leaf in her life, decided to get a tattoo inked on her body that would represent her healthy new outlook on life. For inspiration, L. Lo looked to the Piano Man himself Billy Joel … and decided to get some of his lyrics tattooed onto her ribcage. As you may know, Lindsay already has the phrase La Bella Vita tattooed just above her bum. Click below to see the lyrics she now has tattooed on her ribcage just below her boob.

They’re both from Long Island … they’re both terrible drivers … and now Lindsay Lohan and Billy Joel have something else in common … his lyrics tattooed on her body — and TMZ has the photo. LiLo rolled over to her favorite L.A. tattoo shop — Shamrock Tattoos — this week and got the words “Clear as a crystal, sharp as a knife I feel like I’m in the prime of my life” inked on her rib cage. For those who weren’t around during the “Storm Front” years — the lyrics are from Joel’s 1989 song, “I Go to Extremes.” Pretty good song … doesn’t hold a candle to “We Didn’t Start The Fire” though. We’re told Lindsay felt the lyric was important to her because “It represented where she is in life and everything she’s been through … it signifies that she’s focused.”

Now, as always, I contend that tattoos are always very personal to the individual and no one should besmirch anyone’s decision to get a tattoo but … well … I can’t help but LOL at these lyrics. I honestly do not think I’d ever describe L. Lo as “sharp as a knife” but if that’s her story, then good for her. I mean … yeah … what do YOU think of Lindsay’s new ink?


  • claire

    Poor Billy! ;oP

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She is such a POSER!!! I really do feel bad for her.

  • Panti Christ

    sing it: “Lindsay just don’t know why she goes to extremes!”

  • Mina

    I want to draw a comma after crystal so bad…

    • Louigi12

      Me too!!!!!

    • DJoyful

      And remove the extra space between like and I’m. Ugh.

  • cmc

    Slightly off-topic: has she been doing her community service?

    • krissy

      Great question!

  • Kristina

    She could’ve just done a cover of the song on her next album.

  • Magan

    It reminds me of that whole knife thing with Vanessa Minillo.

  • Jupiter

    She’s delusional

  • Sofia

    shes the joke of hollywood, can’t hold a job, has tons of legal troubles and is the poster child from screwed up child stars but this is the prime of her life??

  • Sofia


  • SuzieB

    Umm ironic that as talented as Billy Joel is, he’s been a bit of a trainwreck lately & that’s who she picks to tatt a quote from?? I get the quote tatt’ing thing, but umm is it just me or do celebs pick really random ones??

  • rachel

    From the title of this post, I fully expected her tat to read “Only the Good Die Young”…

    • @rachel — !!!!!!!

    • cmc

      That also does not apply to her… even if she dies young, I wouldn’t exactly call her one of “the good”.

  • Nate

    I didn’t know Billy Joel was a rapper?

  • cinner

    she still looks so weathered and aged beyond her years.

  • Lindsay

    if this is what she thinks is the prime of her life, she’s got low standards.. i wonder why she doesn’t want so much more than the mess she’s made. not trying to be judge-y, sorry for how it sounds but she could have so much more.. it’s a shame

  • Leisha

    I was hoping it’d be the lyrics from Billy Joel’s ‘second wind’, but then again I was hoping Britney would do a cover of that song as part of her comeback.

  • Kate

    …and yet there is no money for psych services? Well, a GIRL does need her meaningless tats, nasty hair extensions, millionaire weddings to attend, and hideous duck lip injections! Glad to see she has her priorities straight…like her LINES!