First Look: The Cover Artwork For Britney Spears’s ‘B In The Mix, The Remixes 2′ Leaks To The Internets


Great news! Our dear Britney Spears is about to release a NEW ALBUM!! That’s right, seemingly out of nowhere we learn today that Britney will release soon a second remix collection titled B In The Mix, The Remixes 2. BUT … there is some bad news. For some reason, a really really unfortunate album cover has been chosen for the collection. OY! Take a look below and see for yourselves.

It would seem that this remix collection wasn’t quite ready to be announced but the folks at Sony Japan posted the album art and release information a bit early. As happy as I am that we are about to get a new Britney Spears album, I am really bummed that THIS is what the album cover will look like. I really, really do NOT understand how these terrible album covers keep getting chosen. With few exceptions, most of Britney’s album covers are pretty bad … and this one looks to me to be one of THE worst … especially when you compare it to the album art for B In The Mix, The Remixes:

Even still … I am looking forward to this new remix collection. Are you? What do YOU think of this album art?


  • jj

    that cover is fake … i dont think they will use that!

    • @jj — I thought it was fake too but Sony Japan posted the artwork on their site: Why would a record company post a fake cover? But yes, I PRAY they come up with a different cover instead.

  • JCZ

    I think its a little early to release such a thing tbh. I think at least let Criminal play out and then when the next single comes out release it perhaps?
    I would even prefer a re-release of Femme Fatale with some remixes or extra song or two before a full remix album.

    Milk the studio album for all they can in sales, especially with a tour & all. Just a pity there isn’t MORE promotion considering how much time Brit is spending on the album compared to Circus & Blackout.

    Onto Album COVER topics; her first 4 albums were great covers. The US edition of Baby One More Time was cheesy, but the International version was great. Has her ICONIC praying hands.
    My favourite is still In The Zone – something about the colour, simplicity and the natural aura of Britney is just beautiful.
    Blackout would’ve been a great cover if they used the alternate picture that SOME albums came with apparently, had her posing with her arms?

    Circus was the cheesy look like the BOMT US cover and Femme Fatale, was well, average for its font and layout, but the pic was sexy.
    This cover, I guess a reference to the original Remix album – which for me is kinda cool, reminds me of the days Brit had full artistic control.

    Everynow and then I go into a Britney zone of In The Zone/My Prerogative/Original Doll/Pre-Blackout era. It was the best moment of her career and being a fan personally. She was on top of the game, and she still has it, but there was something about back then.
    It’s noticed many times on this blog how I like talking about her – theres just so much to say.

    I just pray for the day we get to see Original Doll – even if Jive or Britney decide to release it for free or very cheap, like The Killers did for their B-Sides album. Why lock up these songs that her record label didn’t approve (since when have they approved of her?) when they’re clearly not going to use them.
    I know some fans don’t believe Original Doll existed, but I’m one of the believers… Mona Lisa/Just Yesterday/Rebellion/Someday, I enjoy listening back to them. The vocals, the songwriting.

    I would have loved/preferred to see a Britney album ALL about her, calling EVERY shot and see it bombed, but knowing she did something she wanted. In The Zone is as close we will get to that these days – a superb album and all Britney – but there was something about The Original Doll, the Britney Spears of that time. Standing up for herself, rebelling against her label and what they wanted of her. It was her being a human and having rights…

    BUT Like I read on (A good read I suggest..) she met Kevin and hurt her knee. Things could have been different for her, career wise, personal wise too. She may not have gained 2 wonderful sons, so I dont WISH that. But her life could be so different if she never met him or hurt her knee.

    Who knows? It’s fate I guess… waaaaay off topic.
    But bring on a remix album – but more importantly for me right now as a fan, bring on Criminal and hopefully, Inside Out….followed by Seal It With A Kiss, if Jive will milk it for what its worth!!!! And then maybe… hopefully… He About To Lose Me. That’s all I ask OKAY?!

    • jaybee

      i’ve heard a lot about original doll, but i want to know more. was she gonna release it independently?

    • JCZ

      Not from what I recall – whether or not that was title is anyones guess. But I strongly believe in a project where Brit took full control and her label just wouldn’t accept it.

      Mona Lisa demo was premiered with Ryan Seacrest and then changed so much when it was included on the Chaotic DVD. There was the song Chaotic. She uploaded a segment of what fans call ‘Rebellion’ on her website. Just Yesterday was that acoustic ballad – a lot of people may remember it when it was uploaded on YouTube with Brit dancing solo in a studio whilst her mum pushed around Preston? (That video shows Brit still has the ITZ moves and flexibility)

      Theres many songs that are in demo form on YouTube just gotta look. Try going on a Brit fan site or forum and search Original Doll. Usually find a list of rumoured titles and songs that have leaked.
      It would be wicked if Jive offered her the opportunity to release it independently if she funded the thing. But its probably the case where she isn’t interested in it anymore.

    • jaybee

      i’ll have to check that out. i’ve actually heard rebellion. the lyrics are pretty deep..

  • Drew

    It’s definitely a fake. Check out the messageboards. Companies use placeholders all the time. It doesn’t mean it’s the real album cover.

    • @Drew — Lord, I hope so … it’s a HORRID cover.

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this album!! Love me some Britt remixes.

  • nicole

    that cant be legit…it just cant. i know her covers havent been great lately (more so the singles art work) but..nothings been this bad. theres no way she can be ok with this.
    as for the title of it, i wish they came up with something a little more orginal then usuing the same name of her last remix album and adding a 2.


    She looks like she’s holding her stomach and about to sneeze at the same time… Not cute.

  • DJ

    In this new world of digital downloaded music, who cares what an album cover looks like. Find a pic or make one of your own and stick it in there instead, problem solved.

    And even if this is a CD that you want to actually buy (yeah, I still buy some too) are you really gonna stare at the cover while you listen to it? Turn the case face down, turn the music up loud and good time!

  • Tina

    I don’t like it but I don’t hate it either. Could be way better though