Beyoncé Announces Her Pregnancy At The 2011 MTV Video Music Awards

Bump Watch

Beyoncé took to the red carpet of the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards Sunday night and needed to get a little something off her chest … and she did so by showing off her burgeoning baby bump. That’s right, Bey announced to the world that she and hubby Jay-Z are pregnant with their first child! And, as if that wasn’t enough, Beyoncé decided to take things one step further by putting on a pretty spectacular performance with baby bump on board! Click below to see one of the first photos of Beyoncé showing off her baby bump and watch video of her stellar live performance of Love on Top at the MTV VMAs just hours ago.

Leave it to Beyoncé to steal the spotlight at Sunday’s MTV Video Music Awards. But it wasn’t one of the pop diva’s signature show-stopping performances that had people talking. Instead, it was Beyoncé’s burgeoning baby bump, swathed in an orange gown. Beyoncé, 29, posed for photos with her hands cradling her belly, teasing, “I have a surprise!” “I’m happy to say it’s true,” her rep confirms to PEOPLE. Later, during the show, she performed “Love on Top,” introducing the song by telling the Nokia Theatre LA Live crowd, “I want you to stand up on your feet. I want you to feel the love that’s growing inside me.” After her song, she unbuttoned her sparkling jacket and rubbed her stomach. The crowd roared. “They told friends in the last month,” a source tells PEOPLE. “She’s never been happier. Seriously it’s all she’s been waiting for. And Jay is like an excited kid. They’re adorable.” This will be the first child for Beyoncé and her husband of three years, 41-year-old Jay-Z.

Make sure you watch Beyoncé‘s performance to the very end … that’s when she happily rubs her tummy … it’s just … too damn cute. I couldn’t be happier for Bey and Jay on their joyous news. I kinda always thought that Beyoncé, the workaholic that she is, would put off having a family … but I guess Nature had other plans for the couple. I think a baby will really make her already amazing life all the more amazing and fulfilling. Let’s send all of our love and congrats to Beyoncé and Jay-Z on their happy baby news. Let the bump watch officially begin!

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  1. Mikey

    She’s turning 30 next week ;)

  2. Bec

    So devo that basically every time I try to watch a linked video it says I can’t because of the region (Australia) that I’m in :( Have to go youtubing…

  3. loriannakim

    I’m a big beyonce fan and I sort of have been seeing this coming! So happy for the both of them!

    FYI, i dont think she needs a baby or baby PR to boost her album sales.

  4. Sofia

    It is so freaking adorable how happy they both look. especially jay-z’s face at the end. its funny that both her and hilary duff recently said how they arent rushing to have a baby anytime soon and then a few months later both are knocked up. i guess you’re right trent. don’t challenge mother nature lol also @JCZ most people (especially a celeb as private as Bey) don’t make an announcement until their 3 months along. and her album hasn’t been out for 3 months so yea…i think you might be wrong on this one.

  5. Mela

    This news makes me happier than i would have expected. Kanye and Jay were so cute too!

  6. strawberry

    for some reason, i cannot imagine Jay-Z and Beyonce having sex!

  7. perdiz

    I love this woman. The bump rubbing was so damn cute as was kanye and jay-z bouncing around like little kids.

  8. Jess

    How cute and happy does Jay-Z look at the end of that video?! LOVED it!

  9. Ashley

    Eh. I fast forwarded through her performance. I haven’t liked any of her songs in years. They all kinda sound the same to me. Trent- wth was up with Gaga last night? Was I the only one who felt uncomfortable for Britney while they were on stage together? I just didn’t get it…

    • lori

      ditto. i thought gaga’s shtick was not cool. she was annoying, actually. and im a huge fan of hers! she needs to focus on MUSIC. my fave gaga vma performance was paparazzi.

      beyonce totally stole the show.
      brits tribute was wAY too short! and britney should have talked WAY more! what a LET DOWN.

    • lori

      it would have been WAY better if she was normal and the whole brit tribute was taken more seriously. EPIC FAIL GAGA

  10. Dana

    I’m not a huge Britney Fan but I thought it was rude the Gaga made Britney’s moment all about her..I wanted to here what she had to say..The best part of the show for me were the Little Dancers..Beyonce sang great but the song is weak..To much Gaga talking and hated that band no one knows why not let Katie Perry or Foo Fighters perform..and the Host was BORING.

  11. all i can say, is its about time lol. i thought she was gunna make jay wait till he was 60 before he finally had a kid – that poor man has been waiting for ever.
    but congrats to both! :)

  12. cinner

    beyonce looks so beautiful and radiant and HAPPY. her performance was the best of the show. she was on jimmy fallon like last week and performed, he also interviewed her and she didnt say a word about being pregnant, nor did she have a baby bump, but what i did notice is her radiating happiness, she looked absolutely amazing…so beautiful. they are two very fortunate people :)

  13. LA Lola

    I am far from being a Beyonce fan, but that was pretty impressive. Girl sang that song through 5 key changes…damn! And the belly rub was beyond adorable. Even my stone cold heart was moved by her and Jay-Z’s (and Kanye’s) giddiness at the end.

  14. Elle

    Now THAT is how you announce you’re pregnant. You go Beyonce.

  15. I LOVE that she did it on her own terms. Amazing!!! ANDDDD I lovedddd finally hearing Love on Top live!!!

  16. i didnt watch the red carpet so i never saw the ‘pre-announcement’ bump, so i kind of wish MUCHMUSIC didnt ruin the surprise for me by announcing it on their ‘between commercials recap”. but the end was SO CUTE!. especially jayz. they seem so happy. hooray for them!

  17. Katie

    yahhhh i am soo happy for them they will make a
    good family congrats :D

  18. It’s surprise for MTV VMA.i’m soo happy for beyonce and jay-z

  19. Jade

    For Real?…..

  20. Amber

    That was amazing she has the perfect life and now its just got better she is having a darling little baby! loved it when she rubs her belly and says ‘ i want you all to feel the love growing inside of me’ that was just wonderful! They are gonna b great parents :D <3

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