Alyssa Milano Proudly Shows Off Her Baby Bump


Back in February we got our first look at mom-to-be Alyssa Milano’s first baby bump. In March, we learned that Alyssa is expecting a baby boy. Today we get to check in on Alyssa and get to see just how big her baby bump has grown. For those keeping track, Alyssa is right on course for delivery … which is coming up quick.

Dodger Dog and my bump!

Those of you who follow Alyssa Milano on Twitter, from whence this photo comes, know that she is a very active Twitter user. So it should come as no surprise that she is happy to share photos like this. I’m guessing that Alyssa is due to give birth in late September or October … and don’t be surprised if she ends up tweeting from the delivery room ;) The mom-to-be is lookin’ fab, ain’t she?


  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    She is too damn cute!! Love her…She will be a great mother!!

  • c.c.

    her and her dog have such similar faces to me! hahaha

  • cinner

    she looks like terri hatcher in the face!

  • k

    LOVE her dog! Australian Shepherd. So cute!! And Alyssa looks adorable, too. :)

  • Jas

    I think she’s much closer to her due date. I’d expect Alyssa to pop by mid/late September!

    I follow her closely on Twitter and it feels like she has been pregnant for ten months already lol.