Victoria Beckham Surfaces In Public For The First Time Since Giving Birth


New mom (for the 4th time) Victoria Beckham ventured out in public this weekend for the first time since she gave birth to her newborn daughter Harper Seven last month. As you may recall, hubby David Beckham posted a beautiful photo of mother and child on his official Facebook profile about a week after Harper was born but that photo was snapped in the couple’s home. Ever the trooper, VB presumably got out of the house A.) because she was likely growing stir crazy and B.) because she has much to do to prepare for NY Fashion Week … which is quickly approaching. Click below to see Vicki B. out and about here in SoCal this weekend.

She’s had a difficult time of it after slipping a disc and being unable to pick up her baby daughter Harper. So Victoria Beckham could be forgiven for failing to raise a smile as she left her Malibu home with her little girl yesterday. The 37-year-old star looked grumpy and tired as she was driven around by her bodyguard on Saturday. Going make-up free for the occasion, Victoria looked worlds away from her usual polished appearance, but showed off her post-pregnancy glow and enviably flawless skin. Later in the day, Victoria hid her eyes behind a pair of sunglasses as she and her nanny stepped out with little Harper. Wearing dark glasses, a plain green dress, and black cardigan Posh Spice appeared to have lost much of the baby weight she had gained before giving birth in July, appearing as slim as ever. Her nanny held Harper Seven’s baby carrier as they made their way to a business meeting … Victoria thanked fans for their support on Twitter. She wrote: ‘Thank u for your kind messages. I’m feeling much better and enjoying every precious minute with baby Harper. I’ m so in love. X VB.’ Victoria is expected to travel to New York – 2,400 miles away from LA – to attend fashion week there and take Harper with a nanny. She will showcase her Spring/Summer 2012 collection.

Go, VB, Go! It’s great to see her out and about again. Despite the fact that she likely has a million things to do before NY Fashion Week next month, I bet it felt really good to get out of the house. Even if the Beckhams have been holed up in a multi-million dollar Malibu manse all Summer long the cabin fever is the same. Now that she’s made her first public appearance since giving birth, we are likely to see more of VB before she straps on those sky high heels and makes her way to NYC. Work it out, gurl!

[Photo credit: Big! Pictures; Source]

  • Mr. Gyllenhaal

    Look how good she already looks!! Bring it VB…I know you got it!!

  • Jdubble07

    Since when does she wear flats? She was probably wearing Louboutins during delivery.

    • Meghan

      Apparently, she slipped a disc in her back during her pregnancy. So no heels for her.

    • RuthJ

      I didn’t even know that could happen! I’m never having giving birth……

  • Val 2.0

    I still remember that picture of her wearing flip-flops a while back. Now, THAT was weird.

  • PixiesBassline

    Oh, man, a slipped disc?! That fucking HURTS!!! She looks great though..
    I’m a little jealous because I looked more like how Pink did, after giving birth. For MONTHS! lol
    And I know Victoria wasn’t even exercising, with that slipped disc.

  • Jenn

    Which is more ridiculous?

    (1) Carrying a giant bag whose contents could weigh more than the combined weight of a baby in a carrier when you’re not supposed to be carrying heavy things due to a medical condition.

    (2) Carrying a giant but mostly EMPTY bag that really doesn’t weigh that much, for the sake of fashion.

  • strawberry

    the bag looks kinda heavy though. she was leaning to one side! i hope it wouldn’t affect her slipped disc!