Sean Preston Joins Britney Spears On Stage In Colombus, OH


Britney Spears continues to thrill audiences across the US with her Femme Fatale Tour and last night she brought an extra special guest up on stage with her in Columbus, OH. During the show finale performance of Till the World Ends, our dear Britney brought out on stage her eldest son Sean Preston so that he could get in on the act with his mom. As the music boomed and the confetti rained down on the crowd, Sean P. came out on stage to say hello to the crowd. Check out some cute photos and video from his guest appearance last night.

It looks like Sean’s on stage appearance was short … but I’m sure the crowd went wild! There is so much love for Britney’s kiddies that any sight of them is welcomed by Britney fans. Here is a short fan-recorded video of Sean P. on stage with Britney:

Is this not the cutest thing ever? I’ll bet anything Sean really, really wanted to go on stage … he’s prolly been asking for weeks now … and Britney finally decided to let him come out for a quick hello. Don’t be surprised if Jayden James decides he wants to get on stage, too. It’s still so crazy to me to see how big Britney’s little boys are getting. Little stars, the both of them. Sooo cute!

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  • Be a little inappropriate

    That is the cutest freaking thing ever!!! He really seems to be into his mommy’s concert between this and that video of him jumping along to I wanna go i’m betting there’s gonna be another Spears slaying in a few years.

    • Be a little inappropriate

      This video in case anyone was wondering wtf was talking about

    • @Be a little inappropriate — OMG .. so cute! I think you’re right, this little Spears will be a star in his own right ;)

  • RJ

    Awe, look at that excitement in the second picture! How adorable.

  • Bethany

    I was at the Columbus show last night! First of all, it was amazing. Second, the whole place freaked out when Sean came out on stage…it was the cutest thing ever and the whole place just went nuts! Sooo adorable :-)

    • @Bethany — AAAHHH! So lucky! Sounds like a great show :D

  • Jessica

    I was also at the Columbus show, & it was phenomenal! The energy was awesome. When Sean came out, it was the sweetest thing! it was a cute extra bonus. I seen your review and thoughts of the Femme Fetale show earlier before on your blog and knew I had to go. it’s a must for a Britney fan!

  • Sarah

    I was there as well – SUCH an awesome show! The entire crowd was going crazy the whole time Brit was on stage.. everyone got REALLY into it. When Brit gave him a kiss on the cheek, it was so sweet. :) She obviously loves her boys!

  • Dezden

    Toooooo cute!!! Gets me ready for tomorrow–I’m going to my second Britney show of the summer (this time Indy, last time Chicago). :)

  • this made me smile so hard.