‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Begins Filming In England


Last month we got our first look at the first promo images from the upcoming fairytale film Snow White and the Huntsman, which stars Kristen Stewart, Charlize Theron, Chris Hemsworth and others. Today we get to see the first photos from the Snow White set. Altho none of the principle actors have yet to be spotted on the Hampshire, England set … but a bunch of extras were photographed filming a big battle scene. Check out the photos below.

You may recall that this Snow White film will be competing with another Snow White film which stars Lily Collins and is directed by Tarsem Singh. It’ll be interesting to see how the two films measure up to one another. My guess is that this film will go for more mainstream epicness while the other film, directed by Singh, will go the more visionary special effects route. I’m curious to see how the battle of the Snow Whites will play at the box office.

[Photo credit: Bauer-Griffin]

  • Kristin

    I have a hard time picturing Kristen Stewart as Snow White. Perhaps this film will make her into more of a fierce heroine than in the original tale…who knows. It could be fantastic, or it could be a major disappointment. Irregardless, I will be first in line to see both Snow White films! :)

    • j.

      I dunno why I STILL can’t get excited for this film. I’m much much more intrigued by the Tarsem Singh version :) his interpretation will no doubt be stunningly visual. I mean epic battle scenes and swordplay (uhhh yeah that’s fantastic) but, seen all that before! Oh, I also heard Kristen Stewart is supposed to have a british accent in this one :/ ummmmmm LMFAO hopefully it won’t take away from her uhhh “stellar acting” skills…yeah…REAAALLY looking forward to THIS version.

    • Tracy

      LOL! Too funny…stellar acting skills. I just don’t see her being a heroine either. But hey she just might surprise us…yeah right.

  • Linda

    Kristen’s skin is beautiful and those eyes together with special effects and action shots and green screen I think they could really do something awesome here… she seems to always throw everything into her projects… I think she will do a good job…. one thing I know for sure… she isn’t going to let bad press or our opinions stop her…. she deffently is better than that. She wanted to do a action film so lets give her a chance to show us just what she can do.

  • Jen

    I will watch this for Chris Hemsworth. End of story.

  • I will surely watch this movie, It’s Kirsten’s first action movie. A movie to be watched.