First Listen: Tony Bennett And Amy Winehouse, ‘Body & Soul’


Back in January of this year we learned that the still-living Amy Winehouse teamed up with iconic crooner Tony Bennett to record a duet together for his forthcoming album titled Duets II. At the time, no specifics about the duet were known except for the fact that the song had been successfully recorded. As we are all well aware, Amy tragically passed away at the age of 27 last month … and today, we get our first taste of Bennett’s duet with Winehouse … which you can listen to below.

Can you imagine what a mash-up of “I Left My Heart in San Francisco” and “Rehab” might sound like? Well, you might not have to imagine for much longer—the disparate artists (in sound and age!) behind both hits, Tony Bennett and Amy Winehouse, are apparently teaming up for a duet, likely to come later this year. Few specifics about the collaboration have emerged yet, but Winehouse is said to be a big fan of Bennett’s work. The crooner confirmed that he’s working with Winehouse, saying, “We’re working on partnering up to record a duet together, but it’s still in the works.” And Bennett’s wife, Susan Bennedetto, added that Winehouse “went to see him twice while he was performing in London.”

The song, titled Body & Soul, has not yet been released/leaked in full just yet … but here is a short snippet of the song to give you a taste:

I mean, you just knew that Amy’s voice would melt beautifully with Tony’s. Sigh. It’s just so tragic that Amy’s life had to end so prematurely. Despite all of her problems (and, yes, she had MANY many problems), Amy was an incredible talent. I’m sure we’ll be hearing more of her gift in the coming weeks, months and years as her recordings get released posthumously. What do y’all think of this duet? Are you intrigued to hear more?

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  • JRock

    I think they sound great together. It’s so good to hear her voice again.

  • kendra

    They totally sound great together..Was that top pic taken in January? She looked great! I’m still so bummed about her death..It’s great hearing new stuff from her but I just wish she had been able to bust out a new record before she died..We just didn’t get enough of her talent.. :(

  • Ashwee

    Beautiful. I still get goosebumps every time I hear her sing. There will just never be any other like her. I look forward to hopefully hear so much more from her, hopefully. God rest her soul.