The iPhone 5 Will REPORTEDLY Be Released In October


Back in April we heard a rumor from Reuters that claimed that the next generation iPhone will be released sometime in September. Today we are hearing from Boy Genius Report that the rumored iPhone 5 release date will actually happen in early October, following an announcement in late September. This new rumor kinda fits in with the Reuters report but, as always, things like this should be taken with a grain of salt until they are officially confirmed. Read on for the new rumored deets and … mebbe start planning your next iPhone purchase?

One of our high-level AT&T sources just informed us that an AT&T Vice President has confirmed to several employees that the iPhone 5 is slated to launch in early October. Additionally, the VP communicated the following to a group of managers: “Expect things to get really, really busy in the next 35-50 days, so prepare your teams accordingly.” Apple is widely expected to announce the iPhone 5 in a late September event with a release set for early October.

So … while we cannot be 100% certain that this timetable is the real deal … I’m pretty confident that it’s, at the very least, close to true. There have been too many rumors about a September/October iPhone 5 release. The timing makes sense … and it’s high time for a new iPhone to be unleashed upon the world. Now … as to what the features will be, well, that’s another set of rumors altogether. Let the games begin …