Pregnant Hilary Duff Is Craving Rice Krispies Treats


Early this week we learned the joyous news that popstar Hilary Duff is pregnant with her first child with hubby Mike Comrie. Today we learn from Hilary herself that she is already having pregnancy cravings. Hil D. shared one of her cravings on her official Twitter profile … and damn, they look good. MMMMM.

now I can finally talk about my cravings!today it was rice crispy treats! trying really hard to give them ALL away!!!

HMMM … mebbe I’m pregs, too … cuz I’ve been craving Rice Krispie Treats all day as well! I might have to look into that … oh, and whip up a batch of treats for myself. Yum!


  • Ama

    If you’re pregnant, that would be kind of amazing :) those do look good, n I think homemade ones are the best :D

    Damn, now I want some too, sadly today I got some dentist work done and can only eat soft food :( boo

    • Sarah M

      Fully agree about the home-made ones, tried the store bought ones once and they tasted gross…like preservatives..yuck.

  • Jenn

    Um, what’s with the parsley? mint leaves? whatever they are I don’t know.

    I’m sure eating a rice krispie treat isn’t going to hurt her. Heck, I couldn’t stand meat for half of my pregnancy and all I ever wanted to eat was fries, potatoes, hash browns, things like that. And yes, I had 30lbs of extra weight (after the initial 15lbs comes off) but now I’m down to within 10lbs of what I was and my baby’s 4 months old.

    • Kristin

      They look like mint leaves to me. I bet they taste really yummy with the rice krispie squares! They’d also taste delicious with some caramel sauce drizzled over top…

      Mmm, now I’m hungry…

      Hilary Duff is going to make a super cute pregnant lady, and that’s going to be one lucky kid if he/she gets to eat these delicious treat!

    • Sarah M

      oooh caramel sauce good call! lol I like to sub in 1/3 fruit loops into the recipe my self :P

  • jam

    if you’ve been craving rice krispie treats you HAVE to try this recipe… it’s *drool* super yummm! i just made it last night :)

    • Kristin

      Aah, Smitten Kitchen is my favourite foodie blog! I use her recipes all the time!